A new technology has led to a child car seat being rated as very good for the first time. The Cybex Anoris T i-Size protects with its own airbag, but also enters a new dimension in terms of price.

Every child needs a car seat. This obligation only ends at the age of twelve or a height of 1.50 meters. Babies ride lying down and backwards. From a height of about one meter, the seats need a backrest to guide the belt over the shoulder. This is complicated and expensive for parents because a child uses at least three seats over time. The test winner certainly won’t make it cheaper. For the first time, a seat at Warentest achieved the grade “very good”. The Cybex Anoris T i-Size outclasses the competition with innovative technology. The seat has its own airbag, which is complex and expensive: the winner costs a whopping 700 euros.

Again and again defective models

26 models compete in this year’s test. The safety is tested in the crash test, the load, the comfort and the handling. The good news: All ten infant carriers perform well. But four seats receive a Poor due to poor safety or pollution issues. The price range is enormous, ranging from 68 to 700 euros. The test winner relies on new technology: It has its own airbag, which opens like a ball in front of the child. This cushion absorbs the impact strongly, which earned the seat a very good rating. The Cybex Anoris T i-Size is suitable for children from 15 months to around six years.

What is less nice is that pollutants were again detected in the test. Low concentrations of dimethyltin were found in both of Chicco’s offices. In other seats, the testers encountered high concentrations of flame retardants. The testers point out that some seats for older children do not have a backrest. But then they fail in the crash test.

Good models on offer

For the toddler and child categories (76 to 115 centimetres), the test winner Cybex Anoris T i-Size is recommended, it costs 700 euros. The baby seats with a base include the Cybex Aton B2 i-Size (complete 240 euros) and Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix i-Size (300 euros). The Britax Römer Kidfix M i-Size is an option for older children. It only costs 180 euros and covers the ages of four to twelve.

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