And suddenly he is said to have been naked: During a massage, Elon Musk is said to have asked a stewardess from his company Space X to perform sexual acts. After that, hush money is said to have flowed. The timing of the allegation raises questions.

It is the symbol of the billionaire as a bon vivant: In the private jet, the stewardess suddenly starts to dance sexy, then the rich super genius gets down to business. It is not known whether Elon Musk saw this scene from “Iron Man”. What he is said to have asked of a stewardess from his company Space X goes in a similar direction. And now causes a lot of outrage.

The incident is said to have happened in 2016, reports “Insider”. On a flight to London, Musk reportedly summoned the stewardess to his room on one of Space X’s corporate jets for a “full” massage. Suddenly he started stroking her thigh. And is said to have bared his erect penis. Musk is said to have promised that he would buy her a horse if she “does more”. The stewardess, who Musk reportedly knew rode, declined. And later suffered the consequences.

$250,000 hush money

“Insider” names a friend of the stewardess as a source, but the news site knows her identity. The fact that the stewardess does not express herself is because she agreed to a gag contract – and received $ 250,000 in compensation. Before that, she confided in her friend. “She was visibly shaken,” she told Insider. After the incident, she got fewer shifts, she felt “shocked” from the company. Before that, she had been clearly informed by the company that she would be booked more often if she attended massage courses in order to “massage the boss properly,” according to the friend.

When she realized that her refusal had negative consequences, the stewardess finally hired a lawyer who had also scheduled her friend as a witness in a possible trial. After a meeting with a negotiator from the human resources department, at which Musk is said to have been present in person, an agreement was reached out of court on the above-mentioned severance payment and a non-disclosure agreement. The girlfriend, who now unpacked, did not sign it, emphasizes “Insider”.

Musk denies

Elon Musk asked for more time to respond to a query from the magazine, but ultimately left it unanswered. Instead, he went on the offensive. The allegations are “completely untrue,” wrote the Tesla boss in the usual attacking tone on Twitter. “I challenge this liar […] to name any details like tattoos or scars that are not publicly known. She won’t be able to because it’s not true.”

However, Musk’s statements have a strong aftertaste if you associate them with a maneuver from the previous day. In a tweet yesterday, Musk surprisingly declared his opposition to the Democratic Party and announced that he would support the Republicans in the future. He therefore expects a “smear campaign” by the liberal media, he claimed. “Insider” journalist John Cook has since confirmed on Twitter that Musk’s tweet was published shortly after the magazine’s request. His thesis: Musk wanted to forestall reporting by presenting it as politically motivated. It is fitting that Musk had attacked the girlfriend of the alleged victim of his sexual advances in tweets as a “far-left activist/actress”.

Sources: Insiders, Twitter