Every shave irritates the skin, which is why annoying razor bumps can appear on any part of the body. You can find out here how to avoid painful skin irritation after shaving.

Whether man or woman, everyone who shaves regularly knows them: annoying razor bumps that not only itch, but can also be really painful. You can find out why razor bumps and what you can do about it below.

That’s why razor bumps occur

They show up as small red pimples on the skin, which in some cases can even turn into pus-filled bumps. Razor bumps are a common skin condition that both men and women experience. The skin irritations not only spoil the look, they also cause itching, burning and weeping. Razor bumps can appear on almost any part of the body that is shaved regularly, but the skin around the intimate area is particularly sensitive. Razor bumps form as a result of small skin injuries caused by shaving. Broken skin is more susceptible to inflammation caused by bacteria that can penetrate the skin more easily through the small wounds.

Common causes of razor bumps

The causes of the small skin injuries are often blunt razor blades that do not cut the hair cleanly, but pull it out. Skin that is too dry can also be injured more easily and is more prone to injuries from shaving. Ingrown hairs also promote inflammation and can even develop into pus-filled bumps.

How to avoid razor bumps

Always use a sharp razor blade for shaving, only then will the hair be properly cut off. Otherwise, you will pull out the hair and injure the skin.

Make sure your skin is not too dry before shaving. Apply lotion to your body regularly, especially in areas that you shave frequently.

Use shaving foam or shaving gel, never shave on dry skin. The razor glides much better over the skin and skin injuries are effectively prevented. You can find shaving foam or gel at any drug store or online.

After shaving, you should moisturize your skin. Caring and at the same time cooling products such as aloe vera gel are best suited for this. It soothes irritated skin after shaving and can contribute to a pleasant, supple skin feeling. The gel is suitable for the whole body.

Do not use deodorant directly after shaving your armpits. They irritate the skin and can promote razor bumps. The same applies to care products containing alcohol. They irritate and dry out the skin after shaving. Instead, use gentle aftershave products without alcohol.

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