The actress Shira Haas, who became famous through “Unorthodox”, can again prove her skills with a strong female lead.

The actress Shira Haas (27), known from the Netflix series “Unorthodox”, takes on a leading role in the historical music drama “Ethel”. The 27-year-old will play conductor Ethel Stark, who founded the first all-female orchestra in Montreal. This was announced by the online magazine Variety.

Accordingly, director Aisling Walsh is directing the film from an original screenplay by Celeste Parr. Conductor Ethel Stark, embodied by Haas, is credited with breaking down barriers in the music world and driving social change across gender, race, language, and class since the 1940s.

Shira Haas has already gained experience with strong female roles

For Haas, this is not the first role in which she has played a strong female role. The Israeli actress became known through the Netflix miniseries “Unorthodox”, which was nominated for a total of eight Emmys in 2020. In the role, she plays a young woman from Brooklyn who grows up in a Hasidic religious community and breaks away from the strict rules of the community to start a new life in Berlin. In an interview with Vogue magazine, she said of the role, “It’s a great challenge for an actress to express all those things. Finding such strong female leads is still rare.”

Shira Haas has also appeared in films such as the Holocaust drama “The Zoo Director’s Wife” (2017) and the Bible film “Maria Magdalena” (2018).