Elon Musk is said to be struggling to find a successor to Twitter’s leadership. There are various prominent candidates – even if their applications are probably not meant to be taken seriously. One in particular stands out.

His months as head of the short message service Twitter were, to put it mildly, turbulent: after a survey that turned out to be unfavorable to him, billionaire Elon Musk now wants to give up his job and from now on only concentrate on the technical side of the platform. Apparently he is currently looking for a suitable candidate for the job as CEO. Or, as he himself put it in a tweet: “As soon as I find someone who is idiotic enough to want the job,” someone else should take the helm.

So far, there has been speculation about names that would definitely cause massive unrest in the network community: Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was mentioned, or even the German Axel Springer boss Mathias Döpfner. Who it really will be remains to be seen. But some prominent candidates have long since volunteered: Perhaps the funniest “application” was directly as a comment under Musk’s tweet.

Elon Musk is looking for a new Twitter boss

There, someone who should be well known to all Internet veterans spoke up: Tom Anderson, the founder of the Myspace platform, which has meanwhile almost been forgotten. The founder, known as “Myspace Tom”, is so legendary because he was automatically displayed as a friend to every Myspace user at the time. Anderson founded Myspace in 2003 and sold it for a profit a few years later for around $580 million.

Anderson is consistently celebrated as a person who, after suddenly acquiring such wealth, did what colleagues like Musk or Trump seem unable to do: travel with his partner, enjoy life and stay out of public discourse.

Anderson is rarely if ever active on Twitter: he last posted there more than a year ago. All the more amusing that the 52-year-old now spoke up on Twitter: Under Musk’s tweet, in which he was looking for someone who was “idiotic enough” to want to become Twitter boss, Anderson posted a screenshot of his Myspace profile , including the now almost legendary photo in which he grins awkwardly at the camera.

However, Myspace-Tom has competition

The Myspace founder is probably not really interested in the job as Twitter CEO – but users reacted enthusiastically. His tweet received almost 55,000 likes within a day. And Tom Anderson probably has the necessary expertise too. Maybe after years of dolce vita he would like to get a job again?

However, he has famous competition – because rapper Snoop Dogg also wants to take over the platform. To mock Musk’s regular Twitter polls, he recently posted one himself, asking users if he should do the job. And with 81 percent yes votes, the result was very clear. More than three million (!) Twitter users took part. Sure, the whole thing was meant as a joke – but since then, Snoop Dogg’s name has actually always appeared in the speculation in a very serious way.

Ultimately, it is still completely open who will take over the chief post. When Musk posted his poll asking whether or not he should remain CEO, most users assumed he already had a candidate ready. However, the current tweet suggests that this is not the case. Either way, it’s still exciting.

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