His songs were the focus of the fourth episode of “Sing mein Song”: Kelvin Jones is actually known for upbeat music. But in the course of the show, the 27-year-old cried several times.

He is the man for the good mood in the round: Kelvin Harris exuded a lot of positive energy in the previous episodes of “Sing mein Song”. On Tuesday evening, his own work was the focus. And it turned out to be an amazingly maudlin show.

It all started out relaxed and cheerful as usual: Clueso opened the evening with a Germanized version of “Love To Go”, the only song that Harris didn’t write himself, and surprised with his own lyrics. Host Johannes Oerding followed with a campfire version of the hit “Only Thing We Know”.

In between, the native Zimbabwean talked about his career: At the age of eight, the family left the country and emigrated to London, which was a big burden. Because while they were doing well in Africa, in England they had to start from scratch. The Joneses were so poor at times that Kelvin’s mother felt embarrassed when he brought friends home.

“Sing my song”: Kelvin Jones actually wanted to be a footballer

So the boy preferred to stay outside, standing on the soccer field until nightfall. From the age of 10 to 16 he wanted to be a professional soccer player. At some point, however, that became too much stress for him, and so, at his father’s request, he began studying engineering. However, that was only good for a month. Then Kelvin Jones went to a concert by John Mayer – and he was blown away. He never went back to university after that, instead spending his days with music. It was only after five months that he gave his parents pure wine.

Today we can say that the career change was worth it: Kelvin Jones is a star. But the fruits of his labor were heard by others that evening: Elif interpreted his hit “Don’t Let Me Go” as a piano ballad – and tears came to Jones. He wrote the song after breaking up with his heartbreaking first relationship. He didn’t know what to say to his girlfriend back then? Only later did he find the words: Don’t let me go.

The guys from SDP got the group out of the mood very quickly by saying “Seventeen” in German and bringing a glockenspiel with them. Kelvin Jones performed his new song “Carrie You” and Floor Jansen settled on “Call You Home”, his first hit.

The flower for the best performance of the evening went to Lotte, who sang the gospel song “Cry a little less” at the end. Then Kelvin Jones got wet eyes again. Johannes Oerding’s parting words were correspondingly warm: “Thank you for sharing your tears with us.”

“Sing my song” is always on Tuesdays at 8:15 p.m. on Vox. The current episode can also be streamed on RTL.