It was a far-reaching signal from the judges in Karlsruhe: everyone has the right to die in their own way, also with the help of others. Parliament is now considering whether guard rails are needed for this.

More than two years after a groundbreaking ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court, the Bundestag is today debating the future of euthanasia in Germany.

The general debate is not yet about concrete parliamentary deliberations on bills or motions. However, several groups of deputies have already presented cross-party proposals for possible legal regulations.

At the beginning of 2020, the Federal Constitutional Court overturned a ban on commercial euthanasia that had existed since 2015 because it violated the individual’s right to self-determined dying. “Business-like” has nothing to do with money, but means “designed to be repeated”. The judgment opens a door for organized offers – but also with regulatory options such as advisory duties or waiting periods.

The different proposals

To date, three initiatives have been presented by Parliament, some of which were addressed in the previous electoral period: