The streaming service Spotify is ambitious – and according to a strategist wants to more than double its number of users. The company has two main markets in mind.

The streaming giant Spotify wants to more than double its number of users and sees itself on the right track.

“We continue to see great growth opportunities for an audio streaming platform like ours,” said the international chief strategist for content and advertising at Spotify, Dawn Ostroff, in an interview with the German Press Agency in Berlin. “We currently have over 422 million monthly active users.” Last year, management said it was a “challenge and opportunity” that Spotify could have one billion users worldwide by 2025.

View of Africa and Asia

“Our new markets in Africa and Asia, but also in India, still offer huge opportunities,” says Ostroff. “The numbers for the first quarter looked very good. Although we gave up the Russian business after the start of the Ukraine war, the numbers for Europe are still good. Without this step, we would have exceeded our plans.”

With a view to the most important growth markets, the Spotify strategist sees two different perspectives. “As far as the advertising business is concerned, we are primarily looking at the USA and in Europe at Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain and Spain. There are also Australia, New Zealand and Canada. In terms of listener growth, we’re looking at India, Indonesia, African countries, Brazil and a few others.” There is “huge potential for the growth of our platform,” said Ostroff. “In addition, we now know that podcasts are a great success for us. And as one of the largest audio platforms in the world, we also see opportunities to expand the offering with video podcasts.»