Instagram apparently has massive technical problems. Many users cannot log in or report that even their account has been blocked. Instagram is working on a solution.

Unpleasant Halloween surprise on Instagram: The social network is currently experiencing massive technical problems. Since the early afternoon of October 31, thousands of users have been reporting that they cannot log into their account or that Instagram has temporarily blocked their account.

Due to the mass deactivations of accounts, some users who still have access report that they lost a significant number of followers in one fell swoop. The Instagram press team wrote on Twitter: “We are aware that some of you are having problems accessing your Instagram account. We are looking into this and apologize for the inconvenience.”

Instagram has problems worldwide

On Twitter, numerous Instagram users share screenshots of the black page notifying them that their account has been suspended. Within a very short time, thousands of messages about Instagram were received on the “alle” error message page.

The support of the Instagram group Meta also writes that they are aware of the problem. Instagram users could soon access their accounts again. Some users wrote online in the course of the afternoon that they had access to their account again, others were still trying desperately.

The problem is not limited to Germany, but apparently also exists in other countries. The British “DailyMail” reports from many affected users in Great Britain that the problem exists worldwide. Users from other countries are also reporting the problems on the Internet. The cause of the problem was initially unclear, the star asked Instagram for more information.

Late on Friday evening German time, Instagram and Facebook had already been down for numerous users for a short time. Meta called the reason for this a configuration change. Almost a week ago, Messenger Whatsapp, which also belongs to Meta, was down for hours. Within a very short period of time, the portal alle recorded 180,000 fault reports.