The decision of the European court in the second Yukos case was unexpected

the ECHR has not found a policy in the second Yukos case, but acknowledged that the applicants ‘ rights to a fair trial had been violated. Moreover, from the text of the decision published on Tuesday, that they were punished not on the basis of the law as the ECHR “cannot imagine how the transaction, acting in accordance with the civil legislation, can mean “unlawful and uncompensated taking of another’s property”. Meanwhile, it is on this interpretation, built many high-profile cases in recent years – from the case of “Kirovles” to it, Baring.

the verdict on the second case was submitted in 2010, Former Yukos co-owners Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev were convicted of stealing oil by reselling its affiliates, and the legalization of stolen and sentenced to 14 years imprisonment. In his complaint to Strasbourg they argued that the prosecution was politically motivated, while the Russian authorities had violated the right to a fair trial, the right not to be subjected to punishment for the same crime twice, and the right to family life. After considering the issue for almost six years, the ECHR came to the conclusion that it may not agree with all the arguments of the applicants.

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