Carsten Maschmeyer and Dagmar Wöhrl promised the founders of the application app Aivy almost half a million euros in the “Lion’s Den”. But after the show, the deal fell through due to a third party.

Carsten Maschmeyer has already had good experiences with the topic of application apps in the “Lion’s Den”. In 2017, the investor joined the Talentcube video application platform in the fourth season of the TV start-up show. Four years later, the US company Phenom bought the Munich start-up.

With the Berlin application app Aivy, history will not repeat itself. Maschmeyer – together with family entrepreneur Dagmar Wöhrl – secured another handshake deal in the episode of “Lion’s Cave” broadcast on Monday. But after the show, the participation of the two lions did not materialize.

Trouble with old shareholders

The reason given by Maschmeyer is trouble with a former shareholder of Aivy, with whom no agreement could be reached. “The possibility of a participation agreement being negotiated past the old shareholder is a no-go for us. Unfortunately, we therefore had to cancel.” Dagmar Wöhrl justifies the bursting of the agreement with “different ideas regarding the concrete design of the milestones”.

The founders of Aivy presented a career app in the “Lion’s Den” that users can use to determine an individual strength profile based on small games. The results are to be scientifically evaluated and made available to users for their application documents.

The founders demanded an investment of 450,000 euros for ten percent of the shares in their company. Maschmeyer and Wöhrl negotiated 20 percent company shares for this amount on the show. Ultimately, nothing came of it.

After the success with Talentcube, Maschmeyer is significantly less lucky with his tech deals in the current season of “Lion’s Den”. In addition to the Aivy deal, the agreements with the book app Read-O, the audio book portal Audory and the dating app Chaanz have already burst.