“The Munsters” was a popular series in the 1960s. Now the first trailer of Rob Zombie’s remake has been released.

Rob Zombie (57) gives a first glimpse of his new work “The Munsters”. The rock musician and director has been working on a remake of the 1960s series for a long time. A first trailer of the film has now been released, in which the intro of the sitcom is reimagined.

The teaser features Jeff Daniel Phillips (53) as Herman Munster, Sheri Moon Zombie (51) as Lily Munster and Daniel Roebuck (59) as Grandpa. Classic like the original, the little foretaste is kept in black and white – but at the end of the trailer comes the surprising announcement: The film will be broadcast in color!

“The Munsters” will be filmed in Hungary

Zombie has been sharing photos from the set and filming on Instagram for months. Just a few days ago he published a group photo together with the main actors of the film. “Greetings from Budapest,” wrote the director. Most of the film will be shot in the Hungarian capital.

“The Munsters” is being produced by Universal Studios’ 1440 Entertainment, which suggests the film will be released directly via streaming platforms. The family-friendly haunted adventure is scheduled for release in autumn 2022.