Getting up early in the morning to go to work? The successful TikToker Lucy Welder doesn’t feel like that at all. She thinks she looks too good to have to work.

She’s young, slim, blond, has big blue eyes and a winning smile: Lucy Which is a pretty young woman. The influencer from the US state of Indiana shares snapshots of her life online – especially of beach vacations when she can happily present herself in bikinis. She regularly uploads clips to TikTok in which she shares funny or provocative thoughts with her fans.

And she has many of them: her “luluhasfun” account is followed by almost 84,000 people and has been liked more than 10 million times. However, the young woman has probably failed to do one thing that many other influencers on YouTube or Instagram have managed to do: turn her reach into money. In any case, Lucy Welch “must” still be struggling with her studies and part-time jobs – to her great displeasure.

Influencer does not want to go to work regularly

In a clip that caused a stir even within the TikTok community, she railed against the ordinary wage work that most people have to do. “Does it look like I’m going to want to get up at 6 a.m. every damn day for the next 60 years?” she scolds the camera as she sits in the car with an iced coffee to-go. “No!”

Annoyed, the blonde clarifies: “I don’t want to work for the rest of my life!” And she found a reason for it: “I’m too pretty for that.” But she doesn’t explain exactly how her good looks are supposed to protect her from a regular job. At least so far she has not aspired to a modeling career (and even that would be work). If she wants to earn her money as an influencer, she would have to think of a real strategy (and that would also be work), and if a rich husband is the solution to all her problems: she has to find one first.

Not all TikTok users agree

This very direct announcement met with a mixed response from TikTok users. Some praise Lucy for her honesty and agree with her. Others find such a view unrealistic and arrogant. “Sounds like working for someone might give you a little more humility,” someone wrote in the comments. “That sentence was just silly!” A user criticizes: “Generation Z is too aloof. As if they were something better! You’re not too pretty for anything!”

Source: TikTok, Instagram