He is the specialist for blockbusters: Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer saw the new “Top Gun” film as a challenge.

“Top Gun” fans had to wait more than 35 years for a sequel to the 1980s cinema classic. “Top Gun: Maverick” with Tom Cruise starts in German cinemas this week.

For Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer (78), who brought “Top Gun” to the cinemas in addition to film hits like “Beverly Hills Cop” and “The Rock”, it was a special challenge.

“The audience expects something extraordinary,” said Bruckheimer of the German Press Agency in London. “When Tom decided to make this film, he said to us: We have to hit the bull’s eye. We have to make sure this film is as good as it possibly can be.”

Main actor Cruise, now 59 years old, became a world star in 1986 with “Top Gun – You fear neither death nor the devil” (German cinema title). According to Bruckheimer, winning him over for a sequel required a certain amount of effort. “It was necessary for director Joe Kosinksi and I to fly to Paris while Tom was filming ‘Mission: Impossible,'” the producer said.

There, Cruise was presented with the story, the look of the film and even a poster. “And after Tom heard the story, he picked up his cell phone, called the Paramount studio boss and said, ‘I want to do another Top Gun movie,'” Bruckheimer said. ‘That’s how impressed he was with Joe. And Joe made a phenomenal film.”