The corona measures on board the “Mein Schiff” fleet are being relaxed. For example, the Crusaders no longer need to wear masks.

Cruise guests of the shipping company TUI Cruises can take off the corona masks on board the “Mein Schiff” fleet from the end of May. “For all summer season trips starting from May 29, 2022, the mask requirement on board will be lifted,” said TUI Cruises on Tuesday in Hamburg.

Exceptions are possible, however, if there are different rules for travel areas. A further relaxation of the previously strict rules relates to testing: the first of two antigen tests that are mandatory before driving can in future be a self-test. The vaccination requirement for all guests over the age of twelve has not changed. In addition, TUI Cruises wants to allow indoor dancing again from the end of May and the “Kids Clubs” on board will now also be open to three-year-olds instead of at least four-year-olds.

Large competitors initially do not follow the step taken by TUI Cruises in terms of the mask requirement. On request, the domestic market leader Aida Cruises also speaks of “numerous easing” because of the more relaxed pandemic situation. For example, the Covid 19 test at check-in has been omitted on all cruises since the end of April. Currently, however, medical mouth and nose protection is still mandatory on board the ships in most interior areas. MSC Cruises said the mask requirement would continue to apply “as part of the comprehensive health and safety protocol” in all public areas.