Suitcases come in many sizes and with different features. Here you can find out which size is suitable for your trip and what you should pay attention to when buying a suitcase.

Everyone takes at least one trip in their life. Whether it’s a holiday or a business appointment, planning your luggage correctly saves time and stress on the go. Here you can find out what to look out for when choosing your suitcase and which suitcase sizes are suitable for your trip.

You should pay attention to this when buying a suitcase

Not every suitcase is the ideal companion for your trip. In addition to the suitcase size, the following criteria are also important when choosing your luggage:

1. Suitcase size XS: Lightweight luggage

Even the little ones are happy to have their own suitcase. Of course, the luggage must not weigh much so that your children can move it independently. That’s why there are handy children’s suitcases in size XS. These small suitcase models are suitable for first class trips, overnight stays with grandparents and family vacations.

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2. Suitcase size S: Practical hand luggage

Although airlines have individual baggage regulations, one piece of carry-on baggage is often included in the price of the flight ticket. So it’s worth taking a compact hand luggage suitcase in size S for short business trips or weekend trips.

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3. Suitcase size M: Ideal for short trips

Size M suitcases are ideal for short trips of around a week. Depending on the weather at the holiday destination, clothing, technology and holiday reading all fit into the practical suitcase. This medium-sized soft-shell suitcase has flexible storage space thanks to the stretchy material.

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4. Suitcase size L: Classic holiday suitcase

Most vacations last at least two weeks. Classic holiday suitcases in size L are suitable for this period of time. The volume of the suitcases offers enough storage space for an extended journey. In particular, large suitcases are good for winter vacations. As is well known, luggage has more volume because the cool temperatures call for warm clothing.

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5. Suitcase size XL: companion on long journeys

A special luxury are trips that go beyond the classic two weeks. In this case, large suitcases in XL are best. There is enough storage space in these suitcases for a holiday of up to four weeks. If you plan to travel by plane, be aware of the excess baggage allowance.

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The right stuff

Depending on the type of trip, you should pay attention to the material properties of your suitcase. Traveling by plane means that your suitcases run the risk of being thrown in and out of the plane roughly. Practical hard-shell cases are suitable for air travel. The material also withstands one or the other throw on the luggage trolley. Most hard shell suitcases have expandable storage. If this is not the case, you must consider when packing that there is less space in the hard-shell case because the material is only stretchable to a limited extent. It is different with suitcases with a soft shell. They are stretchier and therefore hold a little more luggage. The disadvantage is that your luggage is less able to absorb external influences.

Which suitcase sizes are suitable for air travel?

The answer depends on the length of the trip, because long-distance trips may require more luggage than a city trip of a few days. It’s also a question of cost, because you can usually take hand luggage with you free of charge and you have to pay a surcharge for checked luggage.

What weight should a suitcase have?

The lighter your suitcase, the better you can transport it. That’s why it’s worth thinking about what needs to be in your luggage and what not before you travel. For most airlines, hand luggage must not exceed eight kilograms and checked luggage must not exceed 23 kilograms. It saves time and stress if you weigh your luggage at home before departure. That way you don’t have to laboriously repack at the airport. Weighing works quickly and easily with a luggage scale, for example, which you can also take with you on trips due to its handy size.

How much does a good suitcase cost?

There are significant price differences in terms of manufacturer and case size. As a rule, good suitcases cost between 50 and 100 euros. Frequent travelers should opt for a higher-quality suitcase and budget for the purchase between 150 and 200 euros.

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