Ulrich Wetzel and Barbara Salesch celebrate a TV comeback. But not only the two became known in the 2000s through court shows.

Numerous shows are currently celebrating a resurrection on television, from “The Price is Hot”, “The 100,000 Mark Show” to “7 Days, 7 Heads” and “High Diving”. Now the once-popular court shows are making a comeback, too. RTL surprisingly brings judge Barbara Salesch (72) and judge Ulrich Wetzel (65) back to the screens.

With “Richter Barbara Salesch”, “Richter Alexander Hold”, “Das Strafgericht” or “Das Familiengericht”, court programs enjoyed great popularity as a genre in their own right, especially in the 2000s. After that, the interest of the viewers and with it the number of court shows decreased significantly. This is what became of the stars of the shows:

Barbara Salesch

Barbara Salesch, born in Karlsruhe in 1950, became famous through her court show “Richterin Barbara Salesch”. It was an integral part of the Sat.1 afternoon program from 1999 until its last broadcast in 2012. In 2002, the show received the German Television Award for best daily broadcast. She presented a total of over 2300 shows on TV – until now. It is not yet known when your new RTL format will start and what it will be called.

After studying law in Freiburg, Hamburg and Kiel, Salesch worked as a judge at the district court of Hamburg before being put on leave to work in television. But the lawyer is a real all-rounder. In 2014 her book “I love the beginnings. About the desire for change” was published. She is also successful as an artist. As she explains on her website, “despite her enthusiasm for painting” she started with sculptures. “In addition to my work as a judge, I have attended numerous part-time sculpture courses in Hamburg, Braunschweig, Wolfenbüttel and Trier and soon had my own studio in Hamburg, in which mainly bronzes and kinetic objects were created.” She later discovered oil painting and experimental woodcuts “and meanwhile found my artistic focus in them,” Salesch writes there, among other things.

Ulrich Wetzel

Ulrich Wetzel, known from the RTL court show “Das Strafgericht” (2002-2008), should also get his own new show. Before the 65-year-old, who comes from Ingolstadt, came on TV with the show, he studied law in Würzburg and Frankfurt am Main. He also worked as a judge in Frankfurt, among other places. After his first foray into TV, Wetzel was a judge in Friedberg (Hessen) and is currently the director of the district court in Seligenstadt.

Alexander Hold

Alexander Hold (60) also became known through television. The lawyer, who comes from Kempten, was a judge in his hometown after studying law in Munich. From 2001, he made fictitious judgments for more than ten years on the daily TV show “Richter Alexander Hold” on Sat.1. Over 2000 episodes of the show ran across the screens. There were also shows like “Guilty? -Fate in court” or “In the name of justice”. Hold is also active as an author and moderator – and as a politician. Since 2018 he has been a member of the Bavarian state parliament and vice-president of the state parliament for the Free Voters party. In 2017 he was a candidate in the election for the Federal President. He received two percent of the vote.

The TV Lawyers

But not only judges became known through the court shows. Some lawyers also made careers on TV as a result. Such as Ingo Lenßen (61). The specialist lawyer for criminal law was first seen in “Richter Alexander Hold”. In the meantime he had with “Lenßen

Karsten Dusse (49) had appearances in “Richter Barbara Salesch”. The lawyer and presenter also works very successfully as a TV author. His works have been awarded the German Television Prize and several times the German Comedy Prize, as well as being nominated for the Grimme Prize. Among other things, he celebrated another success with his novel “Achtsam murden”.

Lawyer Christopher Posch (46) began his television career on the RTL court show “Das Jugendgericht”. Later came, among other things, “Public Prosecutor Posch determined” and “Christopher Posch – I fight for your rights!” added. He has already appeared in guest roles in the series “Unter Uns” and “Alarm for Cobra 11 – The Autobahn Police”.

The lawyer Bernd Römer (53) is also known for the court shows. From 2000 to 2012 he played the role of public prosecutor in “Richter Barbara Salesch”. He could also be seen in “Niedrig und Kuhnt”, for example. There were also shows like “Family Cases”, “Lawyers in Action” or “Access Berlin – Team Römer determined”.