In the last episode of the current season of “Joko

The fifth season of “Joko

This is how the last episode of the current season went for Joko and Klaas

The team started the evening with a partial success. Despite several obstacles, they were supposed to make their way into the studio, which they managed to do with just four seconds remaining to frenetic applause from the studio audience. However, in the second game, the two were defeated by Annemarie Carpendale and her husband Wayne. One part of the team was asked to choose two objects and describe them in just one word, while the other had to correctly guess which objects are meant.

For the third challenge, Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf once again faced two celebrity challengers in the form of athletes René Adler and Sven Hannawald. One should climb crates, another from a distance collapse the opponent’s stack. Here, too, the two were slightly inferior. They were then successful against H. P. Baxxter. The duo and the Scooter frontman should recognize alienated songs from his group.

Then they were asked to place ten objects in the designated areas on the studio’s LED floor, which, however, disappeared. After a win in this game, the duo suffered again. Spectator Florian competed against the two in an unusual quiz. They had to redact five questions as much as possible so he couldn’t give the answer. However, since he was able to decipher two questions and answer them correctly, Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf failed to solve this task either.

“Everything in the works”

Thus, the duo went into the final of the show with three advantages. This gave you a total of 35 attempts to place five objects on “the high edge”. Among other things, the two should throw a lighter so that it rests on a banana attached to a wall. Since they didn’t manage to do this, they won’t get any airtime on Wednesday. As a punishment, Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf have to take over ProSieben’s Instagram account by next Sunday to attract more followers.

The two also published the first post after the show. “Everything in progress. See you tomorrow. Joko

Steven Gätjen, who, as always, led the show, recently indicated that new episodes of the show will be shown in the fall.