A US government spokesman has accused Putin of using food as a weapon of war. At the end of their meeting, the G7 countries make an important decision to alleviate global hardship.

According to the US government, the G7 countries will commit to providing up to five billion US dollars for global food security.

More than half of the amount will come from the United States, a senior US official said Tuesday at the G7 summit in Elmau, Bavaria.

The government representative accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of using “food as a weapon of war”. It was estimated that up to 40 million people could be pushed into poverty this year as a result of Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine. This in turn would affect food security around the world.

The official said US President Joe Biden will pledge $2.76 billion in additional US funding for efforts in more than 47 countries and regional organizations at the summit. $2 billion of that would be used to save lives through direct humanitarian action. $760 million is earmarked for sustainable short- and medium-term food aid.