The Defense Committee chair wants to speed up arms deliveries to Ukraine. A central government representative must act independently of industry and the Bundeswehr.

The chairwoman of the Defense Committee in the Bundestag, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (FDP), has reiterated calls for a chief manager for the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine.

She pleads for a special coordinator in the Chancellery to bring all those involved from politics, business and the military to one table, Strack-Zimmermann told the German Press Agency.

So far, the Ukrainian government has placed its inquiries in a wide variety of places. “That also led to unfortunate misunderstandings that we cannot and do not want to be responsible for in this situation,” said Strack-Zimmermann. “All of this is not only annoying for everyone involved and creates uncertainty due to unclear regulations and processes, it also slows down the urgently needed aid to Ukraine,” she said. Approval processes, repairs and the procurement of spare parts and ammunition are time-consuming.

Central contact for Ukraine, partner countries, industry

The ruling traffic light parties, together with the CDU, submitted and approved a motion in the Bundestag that, in addition to economic and humanitarian aid, also calls for the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine. Strack-Zimmermann spoke of a “clear signal” to Ukraine and partner countries in the EU and NATO.

She wanted a special representative who would coordinate the cooperation between the Federal Chancellery and the departments involved as well as the subordinate authorities and would be the central contact for Ukraine, the partner countries, industry and the German armed forces. He must be independent of the industry, also be responsible for the processing and tracking of deliveries and provide information to the government and the Bundestag.

“He should also ensure that Germany prepares for the coming months. Chancellor Olaf Scholz confirmed in the Defense Committee that Germany will stand by Ukraine with arms supplies for as long as the war rages on and Ukraine needs military support,” said Strack-Zimmermann. “The goal remains the restoration of Ukraine’s full territorial integrity.”

An expert is General Inspector Eberhard Zorn, said Strack-Zimmermann. “However, this is not independent in armament issues, but naturally only represents the interests of the Bundeswehr,” she said. “This perspective must be given special consideration, but it must not be the only decisive factor.”