It’s getting hot: The German weather service predicts summery temperatures for the coming days. In some parts of the country, however, the heat is accompanied by severe weather.

The German Weather Service has predicted a lot of sun and up to 31 degrees in the extreme west of Germany for this Wednesday.

While daily highs of between 20 and 24 degrees are reached in the extreme north-east and south-east and on the coasts, there can be between 26 and 31 degrees elsewhere – the highest temperatures should be reached on the Rhine and Moselle, as the meteorologists in Offenbach predicted. In the extreme north-west and over some low mountain ranges there may be cumulus clouds, and brief thunderstorms are seldom possible.

A different picture then on Thursday: After an often cheerful start, it should be increasingly cloudy in the northwest and west during the day, “particularly from the afternoon, strong thunderstorms with a risk of severe weather”, as the DWD predicted. In the Black Forest and on the edge of the Alps there can also be a few strong thunderstorms, otherwise it should be sunny and dry all day in the south-east half. In parts of the country it will be muggy to hot with maximum values ​​between 27 and 33 degrees.