The weather in Germany is switching to midsummer, at least in some regions. However, there is a risk of severe storms from Thursday.

On the whole, one can hardly complain about the weather in Germany in the middle of the week: after a long period of drought, it has recently rained heavily, and the partly very dry soil has regained some moisture. And on this Wednesday there is a midsummer feeling in some regions, which will remain in many parts of the country in the coming days.

Meteorologists predict temperatures of up to 31 degrees for some parts of Germany in the extreme west on Wednesday. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), it will be warmest on the Rhine and Moselle. The heat – sometimes muggy – should remain in the coming days with temperatures up to 33 degrees.

Weather in the north: not quite as hot and partly wet

Even if it is not hot like midsummer, it is at least still nice and warm in the north and south-east: the thermometer climbed to between 20 and 24 degrees in those parts of the country on Wednesday. Over the course of the day, cumulus clouds will move over the extreme north-western regions, the weather experts from Offenbach predict. Occasional short thunderstorms can also discharge here. In very warm areas isolated heat thunderstorms can come down.

On Thursday, however, thunderstorms will be a bigger issue: From the afternoon, the DWD expects severe storms in the west and north-west with heavy rain, hail, gusts of wind and a high frequency of lightning. At night, the storms weaken only slowly, writes the DWD.

The map shows the forecast for Thursday 19 May. Clicking on the map takes you to the provider “”.

On Thursday it will be “more often uncomfortable again,” says meteorologist Paul Heger from “”. The amounts of precipitation would probably be greater than the rains at the beginning of the week – and it could even hail.

On Friday there will probably be a zone with possibly severe thunderstorms over Germany – which could sometimes bring large amounts of rain. “Even the particularly dangerous supercells are possible,” says meteorologist Heger. A supercell is a huge storm cloud that consists of several thunderstorms and in the center of which there is a rotating vortex that can grow into a tornado.

Storms are also threatening in Germany on Friday

According to the DWD, it is currently not yet possible to predict how strong it will be and where exactly the storm will go down on Friday, since the exact path of the thunderstorm responsible for it has not yet been determined. In any case, the “weather kitchen” is bubbling, says DWD meteorologist Marcel Schmid, who sees a significantly increased storm potential over the northern center and north for this Friday.

Sources: German Weather Service,, “”

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