A plan for economic recovery: 500 events and 5 trillion rubles

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

on 1 June, the Russian government sent to the President for consideration the draft of the National plan for economic recovery. The next day Vladimir Putin and Mikhail Mishustin, videoconference discussed the main parameters. The most important document for the country was prepared in record time. Getting the job on April 28, a month later, the Cabinet made a plan of exit of the Russian economy from coronaries.

the Goal is to reach the end of the third quarter of this year to stabilize the situation, halting the decline in revenue. And by the end of 2021 is to achieve sustained and long-term economic growth.

In General, Vladimir Putin’s fundamental objections to the document was not. But the President has given the government two weeks to “finalize the parameters of the action plan.”

We have said that the government of Mikhail mishustina from the very beginning, from the end of January, vigorously joined in the fight against coronavirus. The presidential measures to support citizens and the economy developed rapidly and unprecedented come to life. 10 million Russian families have received the state grant of 10 thousand rubles for children from 3 to 16 years. Financial assistance came to business.

working As support measures for citizens and how we will rebuild the economy?

Alexander Khristenko

the Economy, which suffered a severe and unprecedented impact of the pandemic, we need large-scale support measures and special attention.

the Result of this work — prepared the National economic recovery plan, volume, multiple volumes, document. The President instructed to start to work on it at the end of April, when the financial markets reeling, sharply increased exchange rate, and oil futures because of the universal panic for the first time in history traded with a negative value at minus $ 37. Now oil is $ 42 plus, the economy is revealed, rubless seriously strengthened, but the goals are much wider.

“the Strategic objective of this national action plan not only to stabilize the situation, without which, of course, it is impossible to move forward, but most importantly to support citizens, businesses, business on the output stage. That in itself is important, but we need to achieve, long-term, we often talk about this, structural changes in the Russian economy, qualitatively new dynamics in the achievement of key national development objectives, and is primarily the welfare of the citizens of Russian families”, — said Vladimir Putin.

“the task of the first stage by the end of the third quarter of this year to stabilize the situation. The main thing you need to achieve in this period is to prevent further decline in people’s incomes. The second phase will last until the second quarter of 2021, and during this period we will do everything necessary to complete the process of economic recovery, reduce unemployment, ensure growth of incomes to a level which is comparable to last year. At the third stage — the final — the third-fourth quarters 2021 — we expect to reach the trajectory of sustainable long-term economic growth while we reduce the level of poverty and increase the number of citizens whose income exceeds the subsistence level. We will make every effort to the number of employed in small and medium-sized business has reached a crisis level,” — said the Chairman of the government Mikhail Mishustin.

Now there is a whole package adopted by the government measures. Small and medium businesses of the most affected industries can count on a delay rental and tax payments. A moratorium on the bankruptcy of such companies. They also could get subsidies if kept collective. And there was launched a program for issuing loans at 0% on the salaries of employees.

What business to wait now?

– Starts a new funding program Fundand remuneration of the enterprises. Businesses in the affected industries to borrow at 2%, and in that case, if they retain employment as of March 1, 2021, not less than 90%, the loan is written off completely. That is, it is the continuation of the program of financing at zero percent. From June 1 this program is running. Her very high demand, already 30% of the limits have been not by banks, but by businesses themselves, as. This is a very good sign that the company really expect to keep the employment — said the Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov.

About the plans and aspirations of the business in such a difficult period, the President learns first hand to including to adjust the economic recovery plan. A meeting on light industry. Connected — enterprises of North Ossetia, the Ryazan region and, of course, gingham edge of Ivanovo. In the shops — the new equipment received in the last 3 years in leasing in the state. From the Federal budget compensated 30%.

“Given the crisis in the economy, I ask you, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, to increase for the next three years the discount amount to 50%. This will allow you to continue the modernisation programme” — asked Anna Magadelena, CEO of the textile company.

the Ministry of industry has carried out calculations and coordination with the Ministry of Finance.

“we Believe we will increase the discount, which my colleagues have said, under this mechanism,” — said the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov.

the industry was also asked to support reduced demand — orders state-owned companies.

“They buy goods in the hundreds of billions. And we would like to make the most of this money remained in Russian enterprises”, — said Igor Surin, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of GC “Russian leather”.

“Import overwhelms us at times. It is necessary to master your market. The procurement proposal is very timely,” he supported Vladimir Putin.

to Change attitudes, not only to purchases, have in many industries. The only way to achieve sustainable growth.

“This will be achieved through a range of measures in different areas: strengthening of investment activity, use of modern technologies, digital technologies, improving education level, the rapid construction of quality housing. And by the end of the recovery period, we need to reach a sustainable long-term growth of the economy exceeding pre-crisis levels, and real incomes of the population should grow steadily,” said Mikhail Mishustin.

“I Ask you in the second half of June, finally to determine the parameters of the action plan to since the beginning of July to begin active implementation of concrete steps. Pay special attention to this, as a number of decisions on support of citizens and enterprises were calculated for the second quarter. It is therefore essential that this work continued without interruption, and the economy, employment, incomes in the second half got serious and effective support for a strong recovery,” — said the head of state.

the Plan, as they say in the government, suggests about 500 specific activities, and the cost for two years — about 5 trillion rubles.

After the approval of new mechanisms to support citizens and businesses should turn on immediately. And the measures that were taken immediately after the impact of a pandemic, become an integral part of National economic recovery plan. In this sense, the plan is already working.

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