Independence day blacks in the United States can declare a holiday

In the United States celebrate independence Day black. Exactly 155 years ago in America slavery was abolished. Marches are expected in new York, Minneapolis, Chicago and Atlanta. Donald trump promised to do everything to this date is noted on a large scale, but opposed the renaming of military bases named after confederates.

Texas, Florida, Virginia, Indiana. The list goes on — war monuments in the United States is gaining momentum and is affecting more and more States. The speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi even started to promote the amendment, which in the U.S. will be able to rename military bases named after generals of the confederates. However, such a move will only hurt the country — such opinion was expressed by Donald trump, the journalist of The Wall Street Journal.

“there is systemic racism, but renaming military bases would further divide the country. I take responsibility for the fact that the date of the end of slavery in the United States — June 19 was celebrated as a larger scale.”

Exactly 155 years ago in Texas announced the emancipation proclamation of slaves. He was the last of the southern States, where slavery was abolished. Now in America it is not just a historical fact — June 19 in the Senate are going to declare a Federal holiday. And beyond.

“I sent the letter in which has ordered to remove portraits of the speakers who ministered in the days of the Confederation. Our community of Congress has a sacred opportunity and obligation to do so, the corridors of Congress reflect our highest ideals as Americans,” said speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

Here they are — the highest ideals of modern America. The demolition of the monument to the third US President Thomas Jefferson. On the pedestal is the inscription paint “the Slave owner””. A couple of seconds and one of the founding fathers on the ground. The Americans applaud the fact that destroyed a monument the head of the Committee for the creation of the Declaration of independence.

And for the third President, not matching the chronological and numeric order, followed by the first. The protesters in Portland was demolished a monument to George Washington.

Maryland, the cemetery at the Church. It also called for the vandals. First, they have got some paint on the memorial to the confederates, and then completely demolished it.

the Wave of decolonization has come to Canada. In Vaughan, the activists collected signatures for the renaming of the settlement. Vaughn named in honour of British diplomat Benjamin Vaughan. In a significant political figure for Canada — in 1783 he participated in the elaboration of the terms of the peace Treaty in Paris that ended the war for US independence. However, still owned several plantations and opposed the liberation of slaves.

And in the same city, unidentified persons desecrated a monument to former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. The head poured black paint. Pierre Elliott — father of the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who, incidentally, participated in protests against racism and police violence in Ottawa and knelt in memory of the deceased a black American George Floyd.