In the US, you may receive the 51st state

In the United States it took a surprising vote in the Congress about whether or not to change district of Columbia (i.e. Washington), in 51st state, where we elect senators and congressmen. Whose will such parliamentarians and to whom and why, and who doesn’t?

Outraged Washingtonians especially visible on American roads. Every car registered in the city, is numbered with the same inscription — Taxation without representation (“Taxation without representation”). That is, they pay taxes and the Congress is not represented, means to influence the budget can not, as the people of the rest of the United States.

under the new law, a new 51st state — residential and 700 thousand of the population. The United States in Washington will be only a small enclave of Federal institutions and memorials..

If you look at the guide shows that together they form a cross: the White house on the North, Jefferson memorial to the South. And here’s the other video — the national Mall. There you can see the Capitol building, then — the memorial to Washington, the last stop is a memorial to Lincoln.

the Principle is clearly borrowed from the ancients their “wonder of the world” by Zeus in Olympia. And here we digress.

Lincoln in stone, like Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt can be seen in South Dakota, mount Rushmore. The great company really wants to make the current President.

“I told the President: you have to come to us, we have mount Rushmore. And he said, you know, I always dreamed that my face was carved on mount Rushmore. I laughed and his face realized that he was serious,” — said the Governor of South Dakota Kristi noem.

And even more so from such a perspective not happy with the Indians, to which this mountain once belonged to. “It is not right to steal the land of indigenous peoples, and then immortalizing the faces of white conquerors who committed genocide,” they said.

First, whose monument dropped for genocide, was Christopher Columbus. Although about the Indians who once lived along the banks of the Potomac river, which stretches American capital, do not remember the question about Christopher Columbus and crafts and for potential new staff.

“Welcome to Washington, DC!” — the usual designation of the us capital. But the so-called city, and as it is called, it get the status of the 51st state of the USA?

Washington in America already have — he’s on the other coast — and from the usual abbreviations DC residents are not ready to give up. The solution found. Washington DC will go in the name of the state. Only DC would mean no DC, and Douglass Commonwealth (Commonwealth of Douglas) — named after Frederick Douglass, a black activist who lived in Washington in the nineteenth century.

and today at the American capital — a black mayor. Here 45% of residents are African — American. During the protests against police brutality the street under the Windows of the White House, the area was renamed “Black lives matter.” The collision was so severe that trump the city of Federal subordination soothed army. Now understand that in the Congress and the Senate from the new state chose not his party.

“DC will never be a state! Why? Yes, because then you can receive two additional democratic Senator and five congressmen. No, thank you! This will never happen”, — said the American President.

trump promises to put the law of the veto and his party indicated.

“What is vitally important industries would be the new Washington? Lobbyists. Bureaucrats,” said Tom cotton, the Republican Senator.

And still 700 thousand Washingtonians is higher than those of existing States, like Wyoming or Vermont. Even so, tonight the Democrats controlled the House of representatives istora practical decision was made. And if the decision is to reject the Republican Congress, it will be another for those in Washington who serve in the military and vote for the President for a long time.