not Much has been missing in the summer, and then would have been prepared for Hanover striker Niclas Füllkrug this week as a striker for Borussia Mönchengladbach in the duel of the two clubs on Sunday night. Gladbach wanted to sign the 25-Year-old before this season and offered a transfer fee of 18 million euros for him. 96 but the offer rejected after long negotiations.

Because of this history, it is quite spicy, Füllkrug continued his Comeback after a long knee should be complaints now of all things, on Sunday (18: 00/Sky) in Borussia Park.

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The striker has a week ago, its special treatment in a Bio-structural engineers in Munich stopped and since then, for the first Time in months without pain trained. “He will immediately be an Option for the starting line-up. It is nice that he is back,” said coach André width riders. “At 100 percent, he can’t be still, because he has not trained for several weeks and played. But he returned very well from Munich. He got to 100 percent again to the Training. The knee has shown no reaction.”

mönchengladbach Plea returns back to Hanover

one of the unique features of this game that the interest of Borussia Füllkrug is not extinguished after the “no” from Hannover and the commitment of the French Alassane Plea. “I like the way his game, and I think he is a good guy,” said the Gladbach coach Dieter Hecking this week in a “Sports buzz”Interview. “I am convinced that he can help a team, I work as a coach. For me, Füllkrug is Niclas, as before, a very interesting striker.”

the return of The goalgetter’s is in Hanover, however, the only good news when it comes to personnel issues. This is because, in the back row, that is to say the midfield and defence, 96 slow not only the players, but also the absolute performance.

Hanover, width, tab: “the fact is that no one believes in us”

Ihlas Bebou was in the national team of Togo to a tendon injury in his thigh and is expected to be out for the Rest of the Bundesliga-first half of the season. The ankle joint called problems of Pirmin Schwegler, the width of the tab on Friday “our boss in the midfield,” are not over yet.

The is probably the most important player in the centre, the coach announced on Friday. “Water will definitely fail,” said Breitenreiter. “He has brought back from the national team a streptococcal infection. Of the is highly contagious.”

players of this class can table 16. although numerically, but not qualitatively replace. And so the 96-said Trainer: “the fact is that no one believes in us, except we ourselves. For many, this game is decided already in advance”, so the width of the tab. “So, we can play as naughty and free.”

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