Tribune. The current government deplores a dearth of brewing social and territorial and commitment within our company. Problematic to which he would respond by a national Service universal (SNU) imposed on each young person. For us, the SNU is a poor response to the real issues.

A bad translation of the concepts of” engagement “, “diversity” and ” citizenship “. We also, youth associations, and share the idea that our society suffers from segregation, lack of encounter, solidarity and gestures free. Yes, there is an urgency to act and rethink our way of doing company. We want to co-build and co-wear the idea of an open society, built on diversity, of gratuitousness, of solidarity and the attention given to the other. Actually, these issues are beyond the framework of the youth. If the government wants to work on a universal, and we are ready for it.

today, the project presented an almost permanent is not universal. It assigns to a particular age group to wear these problems in the societal. Through an internship imposed of fifteen days or a month, the SNU intends to teach young people 16 to 25 years of age citizenship, diversity and commitment. But by this device imposed only to young people, the government is doing a reading simplistic challenge ! We repeat : the constraint is not the answer. The commitment can only be voluntary. The impose is a non-sense.

A lack of public policy

If our country suffers from a lack of brewing social and territorial, it is that we lack public policies, allowing all the population to meet. The issue of mixed use areas can and cannot be worn by the youth only. The work of the Fondation Jean-Jaurès and Thomas Piketty show that this is not the youth who flees from the mixed use areas but the privileged classes. We believe that it is to the whole of the population…