In Cloppenburg the levity of a 21-Year old a deadly end as she raced unrestrained and with mobile phone at the wheel in the oncoming traffic. The rescue workers tried to resuscitate the young woman.

Cloppenburg – your recklessness cost the life: How* reported, drove a 21-year-old cloppen citizen on Sunday, 25. November, at 11 o’clock with your car on the road, “industry Shuttle in the direction of the exit as the accident-Drama took its course.

Cloppenburg: 21-Year-old appliance in the counter-transport + of This accident could be avoided©nonstop news

According to information of nonstop news, the 21-Year-old from Cloppenburg was unrestrained and probably with a view to your phone in a curve to the right of your lane lost. The young woman was in oncoming traffic, where her car collided head-on with the vehicle, 30-Year-old from hölting Hausen, wherein the two accident vehicles, a VW and a BMW, extremely into each other were pushed.

Unrestrained, and mobile phone at the wheel: the 21-Year-old from Cloppenburg in wreck

The 21-year-old accident causer was jammed with the clash in a car wreck, and remained motionless in the driver’s seat Forces of the fire brigade had to extricate them from the Car. “There is no evidence of an exceeded speed,” says Thomas Raab from the police to non-stop news, but adds: “Because your cell phone comes into play, we have found a mobile phone that is now being evaluated. In addition, no security was created strap. Possibly the Severity of their injuries came from.“

accident in Cloppenburg: rescue forces, the 21-Year-old from Cloppenburg to try and tried to resuscitate

The alarmed rescuers to perform CPR for over an hour, the 21-Year-old. But they lost the battle for the life of the young woman who died at the scene of the accident. Easily the 30-Year-old from hölting Hausen, was taken to a hospital in Cloppenburg was injured. The customer to the accident-Drama around language, unfortunately, quickly in place, and the friend of the Accident victim at the scene showed up.

Unrestrained, and mobile phone at the wheel: so Far, no witnesses of the accident-drama in Cloppenburg + The accident had to place weiräumig locked©nonstop news

the scene of The accident did not have to spacious and from the road maintenance in the meantime fully locked closed, in order not to endanger the use. Both vehicles were not roadworthy and were towed.There are no witnesses to the traffic accident in Cloppenburg are currently available.

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