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“AvtoVAZ” has increased the share in a falling market


In 2019, were sold in Russia 362 356 Lada cars – 1% more than the year before. These data are reported to the Executive Vice President for sales and marketing of “AVTOVAZ” Olivier mornas. The whole market of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, according to preliminary estimates, the company fell by 2% to 1.76 million units of Lada increased its share by 0.6 percentage points to 20.6%.

In the first 11 months of 2019 sales of cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia fell 2.8% to 1.58 units, reported by the Association of European businesses. Report on the results of 2019 is expected on 14 January.

According to “AVTOVAZ”, the most sold in 2019 a family Lada Granta was sold in Russia 135 831 units (growth by 27.8%). The sale of the former leader of the Russian brand – Vesta – was 111 459 PCs. (growth by 2.9%). Granta is from 455 900 rubles., Vesta – 629 900 rubles.

All Lada cars will rise in price since the new year Price increase and other manufacturers, so the share of Lada is unlikely to be reduced, according to the dealers Auto

Lada Sales abroad grew by 32% to approximately 50 000 cars. The largest export markets of Lada – Belarus (16 000), Kazakhstan (15 000) and Uzbekistan (6600 PCs).

In 2020, the Russian market may shrink by 3.4% to 1.7 million units, estimates Morne. The “AVTOVAZ” expects at least to maintain its share, the goal is to increase it. Sales will support the state programme to stimulate demand, dealer network development and integration in the model range of Lada Niva SUV, said a top Manager of the company. In December 2019, AVTOVAZ bought a share in General Motors in a joint venture “GM-AVTOVAZ”, which produces this SUV (created on the basis of the produced “AVTOVAZ” Lada 4×4, sold under the name Chevrolet Niva). Model will replace the brand Lada until the end of 2020, said Morne.

For 11 months 2019 Niva sales in Russia and CIS countries accounted for 20 of 685 pieces, said earlier the representative of the joint venture. What kind of increase can provide the Lada Niva total sales of the Russian brands, a top Manager of AVTOVAZ difficult to explain. All will depend on exactly when the Niva will be a Lada, for example, in August or September, said Morne. And added that more than half of dealers of Chevrolet Niva at the same time are dealers of Lada, so the product is familiar to them. In 2023, the market may appear a new generation of Lada 4×4 SUVs. This model can also obtain the name of Niva, said Morne, but the final decision will be made later.