Rolls-Royce Cullinan: Obelisk 4x4

“Where are we going, boss?” – every time I wanted to ask, sitting behind the wheel of a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, even if the car more was nobody. It is not only that it is easier for me to imagine myself a personal driver this glamorous tank than its owner. But in that place the owner I would probably prefer the back seat of his limousine comfort.

first, there are all available front riders fun including massage cushions and the control panel of the media system, and moreover a mini – bar with two refrigerators, two champagne glasses, two whisky glasses and decanter (on the test was a four-seater version with separate rear seats and a transparent partition that separates the passenger compartment from the trunk).

And secondly, don’t look out the window, so is not it a shame that when your car almost no one has no timidity, no special reverence. Where, one wonders, squats with arms at sides? Where, finally, three times, “ku”? Moreover, all these Renault and Skoda did not even let me in the next number!

Rolls-Royce introduced the first in the history of the brand SUV models Cullinan designers tried to embody the image of a harsh Saxon warrior

But I remember blows away the left lane anyone, when you drive around, “gelendvagene”. Yes, even Bentley Bentayga – although in this case not so fast. But Rolls-Royce Cullinan and more, and much more expensive – the most expensive SUV in the world, it even was named after the giant diamond, part of which decorate the scepter and crown of the British Empire. The price of the test car – 34 million rubles. Do not you see? Or in the guise of a insufficient cowardly?

No, it is not only monumental, but also brutal. Chopped form, of 5.34 m in length and 1.83 m in height, the face, like all Rolls-Royce, brick, grille – chrome and the temple ass aboutstout, but too heavy. From whatever side you look – the obelisk on wheels.

So here’s the thing! It needs to be black. And our test – wet asphalt.

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Open gate (call them doors seem disrespectful), you quickly realize all the most expensive materials that you can use to build the car, then used. A thick skin exceptional softness, solid wood panels – all you want to touch again and again. The mats would have to stand barefoot – obviously, it is assumed that the driver and passengers never touch the soles of the sinful earth, and only go for the marble and red carpet, which for their arrival spread even in the mountains and in the woods.

All brand retro interior details Rolls-Royce in the usual places – from the “pokers” on the steering column to the transmission control to the retractable controls ducts. A new user-friendly thing – buttons closing the front panel on the front and back of rack: stretch to the handles far away and somehow undignified, so opened the heavy gate gradually came to the place itself (of course, it will stop if meet obstacle). Doubly convenient that the driver’s seat can be closed so the front passenger door.

Additional options in the car can increase its price significantly That you can order, if the budget is not limited

With all this subservience to the dimensions used immediately. In our tests, visited a lot of larger vehicles, and a sense of size almost always came in a few minutes. In the enormous Cullinan I was careful of not less than half an hour, ponervničav in heavy traffic, for which the car seemed too broad.

While accustomed, almost champagne failed the test, pushing the gas pedal at the start with a traffic light, a little less gently than it should, when in an elegant BoKala bottled sparkling drink. “Dismissed!” – was heard from the rear seats, of course in jest, but I managed to understand that he feels with such a misstep personal driver, and all the rest of the bottle drove flawlessly. As Cullinan, to which there can be no complaints on the ride. At any speeds.

Guile any Rolls-Royce is that speed it just didn’t feel, and the first SUV of the British luxury brand is no exception. According to the testimony of passengers, 80 km/h and 160 km/h felt almost the same, i.e. hardly at all: the Cullinan is not only very smooth and very fast, but also incredibly quiet. It does not hear any motor V12 power of 571 HP, no road noise. But hear faintly creaking leather steering under driver’s hands and hiss as the bubbles in the glasses of passengers. Acoustics media system with such a noise that sounds great, but in the Rolls-Royce best music is silence.

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Handling Cullinan is best assessed in the same champagne criteria: the main turn – away. And the air suspension copes with this task. Like brakes, slowing four-wheel drive vehicle weighing more than 2.5 tonnes with quiet dignity. And if still to go, more active, in turns you can feel a pleasant steering of the rear wheels.

Test off-road ability of the car in snowless Moscow, I did not, but something about the specifics of active recreation with Cullinan still understand. In addition to the carpets that are spread out around, so as not to stain the shoes, at the exit to the open air he needed an escort car. Because it is necessary where-that to carry the Luggage. Cullinan and many will not believe, at least in the version that got to us to the test: not only that, it does not fold the rear seat backs (thanks to the mini-bar), this Rolls-Royce was equipped with the most important and essential off-road option imaginable, – two folding leather chairs and a cocktail table mounted on the tailgate rear door, and folded steal a fair amount of useful volume of the trunk.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan: Family jewels British brand starts a new Chapter in its 140-year history: the Rolls-Royce appeared first on all-wheel-drive family car

to Order the option for a picnic, apparently, are the only true aristocrats, because it is not a fad but a philosophy – in excess of all parameters the car needs to be something the Everyman will profitnet: well, that’s all! Not to say that the table and chairs is impractical, but it is a luxury that has to grapple and finish. Explain how marketers Rolls-Royce, “the outdoors is not a reason to abandon the usual amenities.”

Well, Yes, but owning a car is not a reason to refuse champagne in the morning. And by the way, the traffic police knocked on the window: “Drink?”

of Course not, but to be honest, I was not expecting. Mr. etselop I have maroon pants, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, three times, “ku”! Alas, it doesn’t work – the policeman had put his nose to the salon and got something. Some subtle trace of Moet, champagne the day before the test. Yes you would, captain, to change the traffic police to the perfume counter.

“the Car is yours?” “No.” Interest is markedly reduced. “In the car someone was drunk?” I want a broad gesture to indicate the Minibar, but it’s an inappropriate joke. “I am!” is wife, and we leave without humiliating procedures, but in pretty bewilderment. Still, this obelisk must be black, otherwise we don’t understand yet. But soon will understand, the image can be acquired. That’s when Rolls-Royce Cullinan will begin to blow and the “Gelandewagen” – with any band.