In Russia last year sold the car to a record 2.5 trillion rubles

In 2019, Russia had sold new cars for a record sum of 2.5 trillion Is a preliminary assessment of the Agency “AUTOSTAT”. Previous record was in 2018 — of 2.38 trillion rubles. That is, the capacity of the market increased by 5%.

the market Growth in monetary terms is largely due to the increase of the average price of a car, explains “AUTOSTAT” for the year, it increased by 8%, the number of sold cars, according to preliminary estimates, fell by 3%. The absolute values of “AUTOSTAT” does not.

In 2018 the weighted average price of the car was 1.43 million RUB. so, in 2019, she grew to 1.54 million RUB For example, the leader on the Russian market, AVTOVAZ three times raised the price of cars — each time in average by 1-3%. The main reasons of price growth were the increase in VAT rates (from 18% to 20%) and inflation. Cars worth more than RUB 2 million, form almost half (47%) of the capacity of the Russian market, led to “AUTOSTAT”, the data for 10 months of 2019 By the number of sold cars in the lead cars worth 800 000 — 1 200 000 RUB (29% of sales).

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