The share of green energy has reached in the first months of the year, a new record. Expected to be 27 percent of the country’s electricity in the first quarter came from wind power, Solar or biogas plants, as the industry Association BDEW said on Friday in Berlin. The reason for the new maximum value of the further increases in capacity, primarily from solar power plants and the favourable weather conditions. In the first quarter of 2013, the share of renewable energy amounted to 23.1 percent.

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solar systems deliver 70 percent more power

In absolute Numbers, electricity generation from renewable energy sources climbed from 35.7 to 40.2 billion kilowatt-hours, as the German Association of energy and water industries (BDEW) reported due to high bills. Wind turbines have roughly 19 percent more electricity than in the prior-year quarter, solar systems, almost 70 percent more.

The development in the first quarter to leave no conclusions on the full year, said the BDEW. The generation of electricity from renewable energies fluctuates usually depending on the Season and weather conditions. In the past year, the share of Renewables stood at 23.4 per cent – he was as high as never.

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