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Google Doodle: Mestre Bimba developed Capoeira to the art of dance more


Manuel dos Reis Machado grew up with 24 siblings in the Brazilian city of Salvador. Since his birth he was under the nickname Bimba known.

Capoeira since 1890 forbidden

He was not the inventor of the Capoeira, the dance finds its origins in the Brazilian slaves. Bimba took already at the age of twelve years, Capoeira lessons, and later he was self-teaching hours.

However, martial arts was forbidden at this time of the military dictatorship in Brazil, because street gangs have become widely used for the practice of the martial arts, fear and terror. The government said the country-wide ban in 1890.

Capoeira as a dance form

in 1937, Getúlio Vargas took over the government power in Brazil. Bimba took the opportunity and began a Capoeira demonstration, the ban was lifted. Bimba tried to convince the government that it was in Capoeira is much more of a peaceful art form with dance and music, as a combat sport, which was seen as a threat

Capoeira was appointed as a national sports of Brazil. But Bimba was not enough: He founded the Academy “Capoeira Regional” to sports, to Brazil, to make it as a modern game of martial arts dance known. The addition of the name “Mestre” was under the Bimba known means master.

On 5. February 1974, passed away Mestre Bimba.

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