The opportunity to purchase a property or for the construction of the house is favorable. But which Bank offers the best mortgage?The answer to this is the mortgage calculator from FOCUS Online. He compares the conditions of more than 60 institutions and intermediaries.

The mortgage calculator will find the right offer construction loans-comparison loan amount: EUR 100,000 EUR 150,000 EUR 200,000 EUR 250,000 loan to value: 50% 70% 80% 90% interest rate bond: 5 years 10 years 15 years 20 years zip code for regional providers:

in addition to the Quick-Check the mortgage calculator in the detailed analysis of further options. Here you can enter the required sum exactly, as well as loan to value, early repayment and the desired interest rate binding.

For most accurate results you can for the detailed analysis continues to be their profession and the type of property. Also, the desire for a special repayment can be taken into account. Has issued a comparison Directly to the Detail analysis

you should look at your mortgage:in addition to costs
in addition to the actual financing of the construction or purchase of a property to get considerable in addition to cost, for example, for the land purchase tax, notary and land registry. Up to eight per cent of the price may account for these costs. Possibly, the agent’s fee comes on top of it. The costs are generally borne by the equity of the investor or property buyer. A mortgage usually covers only the cost of the property and of the property itself. (Here you can calculate the costs for the notary and the land registry.)
loan rate realistic
do not calculate you to Calculate nearly: As a rule of thumb, the loan rate of 40 percent of net disposable income should not exceed. (This page helps you Kassensturz)
Budget properly.
calculate Useful also another rule of thumb is. It helps the maximum amount of the loan estimate, which is able to handle. To calculate this amount, multiply the sum of the counts each month, after deduction of the costs for food, electricity and insurance, etc. (the rent, of course, not in), with 100. Share the result of connecting, by the sum of the nominal interest rate, and repayment rate. (Here you can kalkuieren your Budget.)
reserves as a security
A building project can quickly become more expensive than calculated. For unforeseen expenses, you should have three net monthly salaries in the hindquarters.
statement of use
have The more equity you have, the cheaper the Loan is. Many of the credit institutions, interest rates rise, a mortgage with a loan-to-value of over 50 percent.

borrowers should have in each case sufficient equity to cover the additional costs in full and on reserves for emergencies. An equity participation of at least 50 percent in the case of a home construction or purchase is recommended.

mortgage lending: provision of interest rates can be costly

will not let you In talks with your Bank about the mortgage, you should be the provision of interest. With the interest rates the Bank can pay, that it holds the construction Loan, although the loan by the borrower can not or have not yet been fully utilised. Depending on the height and the period from which they are due, providing interest rates increase the price of a seemingly cheap real estate financing, as the example of calculation: source: Interhyp, The calculation example shows how a supposedly cheaper deal because of the earlier due whitening provision of interest, is suddenly more expensive

the mortgage Is not to say, however, that you do not have to deal with until the repayment date with your credit. Once a year you should not take care of their real estate financing, in order not to miss a possible annual special repayment of carelessness. It is also useful to inform yourself about the conditions on the interest rate market, especially in terms of the follow-up financing.on the interest market and inform – particularly with regard to the follow-up financing.

As low mortgage loans source:

real estate financing without equity

currently A real estate financing without using equity is possible. Such full funding in a few cases, this even included the building costs can be realized.

The full financing of your dream home on borrowing has the advantage that the Builder or the buyer remains liquid. However, interested parties have to expect significantly higher interest rates and higher monthly installments. An unexpected job loss or a broken car comes to within the interest rate lock-in period, the borrower quickly in a financial bottleneck. Interested parties should draw a full mortgage, therefore, only under the condition in consideration, that in an emergency, sufficient reserves and financial security.

interest rate lock is running out: What happens with the remainder of the debt?

The interest rate lock-in period expires in the case of housing Loans usually to a maximum of 25 years. A rest is according to the duration of debt available, it is the outstanding amount over a follow-up financing to repay. For the full repayment of a mortgage borrowers have the Option of staying with your current lender, or to change in the context of a debt restructuring, the Bank. An early comparison of the provider’s worth it to find the best mortgage rates. The FOCUS Online mortgage calculator that helps.

Who wants to plan his follow-up financing ahead of time has the Option to complete a Forward loan. With such loans borrowers can secure current mortgage interest rates for a later time. The annuity loan is then paid in up to 66 months after the conclusion of the contract. Up to the date of payment of the loan does not accrue any interest for the borrower. For banks after disbursement of the loan, depending on the length of the Forward period, market interest rate and market position, a more or less high premium, in addition to the specified interest rate.

construction financing: KfW development loan money saving

The state-owned KfW development Bank supports the Immobilienbau and purchasing, as well as energy-efficient renovations, and with the help of accompanying a lender low-interest loans. In addition to renovations for the purpose of reducing energy consumption, are tags for an age-appropriate design of the living area, as well as the initial purchase of a property eligible. More than 10,000, the loan can be saved.

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