Samsung as the leader in the Smartphone market may be on Black Friday not to Boxhorn hunt and must also come up with Offers. With already known actions and new models shows little creative but resistant.

All the offers of Black Friday in the case of Samsung will run until the 26. November 2018 at 23:59. The Black Friday Samsung extends over the whole of the following weekend.

Black Friday for Samsung Galaxy S9 as a gift

The main deal during the Black Friday Samsung deals the Galaxy S9 and its big brother, the Galaxy S9+, respectively, in the 256-GB Version. Both Smartphones cost in the Online Shop of Samsung brutal 950 or 1050 Euro SRP. So that comparison can be made in the market, no business.

However, Samsung makes the purchasing decision with a second, identical device as a free addition. Such offers, Samsung has made a number of times online. The customer gets when buying a Samsung Galaxy S9 or Samsung Galaxy S9+ a second Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ as a gift. That is, you pay for the individual Galaxy S9, 495 Euro and for the single Galaxy S9+ 525 Euro.

the Samsung is Worth it-offer to the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+?

This question can be answered quite simply: The offer for the Galaxy S9 hardly worth it. Here, the Media market has hit the manufacturer of a trick, and the Galaxy offers S9 cheaper. There is the flagship for 455 euros. Only today and only in the 64 GB variant, however this can be by means of cheaper Micro-SD cards quickly to the lack of capacity to expand.

The Galaxy S9+ on the other hand is for some users interesting: The difference in price to the next lower-priced retailers such as Amazon or Media Markt is significant. However, a purchase of the double pack is worth it only if really two of the Smartphones are needed. Even if you sold one of them should eat the loss on the sale of the price advantage. Thus, it is here advisable not only in acute shortage of strike. Also here: Samsung has the 256 GB Version. So if you need a lot of memory should be more likely to strike here. Who gives a memory expansion via a Micro-SD card satisfied and no two Smartphones needs, you should look somewhere else.

Update 15:19 PM: In the evaluation of the tenders be given to the cheapest variants of the Smartphones in the Offers the traders to Rate. This was not communicated in the previous Version of this article.

Black Friday Samsung: store-and-paid – bargain missed

In the case of the middle-class Samsung wants to entice you with a free storage of the customers. If you compare the cost of the memory card and expects you to the best deals, it is clear that it is by no means a bargain.

Smartphones are individually cheaper. Also the memory card there is, for example, at Amazon to buy at a price of 287 Euro. That usually brings at least a small Savings over the offer from the Black Friday Samsung. The Smartphones in the Overview of the comparative prices of

  • Samsung Galaxy J4+ for 189 Euro – the comparison price is around 111 Euro
  • Samsung Galaxy J6+ for 239 Euro – comparison price, around 180 Euro

in addition to the two Galaxy-J-models, there are also two Galaxy-A models in this action. The Galaxy A9 was presented only recently, and the Galaxy A7 passed through the Test inside a mobile phone a few days ago.

  • Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 for 349 Euro price of around 280 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy A9, 2018 for 599 Euro price of around 540 Euro

The true bargain: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with the AKG’s or memory

The only real bargain in the Black Friday Samsung offered for Galaxy Note 9, and in order to the latest top Smartphone of the South Koreans. The price for the flagship is located at 850 euros, that is around 150 euros above the lowest market companion. Exactly the missing amount Samsung with the AKG headphones N60NC Wireless has more than compensated. The headphones there are, for example, in the case of Amazon for just under 190 euros and will be included free of charge.

Even better the offer is, if you choose the memory card, the there are as a second-optional-gift-of-action. The Samsung Memory Evo Plus with 512 GB of memory will cost in the trade for around 250 Euro. This saves on buying at the cheapest competition a whopping 100 Euro.

This article was written by Michael Büttner

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