Amazon Prime Video is bringing the cult sitcom “Who’s the Boss?” return. Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano are also back on board.

Amazon Prime Video wants to relive the glory of the 80s and early 90s with a reboot of the ABC sitcom classic “Who’s the Boss?” is currently in the making. According to a report by the US magazine “Deadline”, the two former leading actors Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano are back on board. The two once again embody the central father-daughter duo Tony and Samantha.

The series was originally produced from 1984 to 1992. So far there are 196 episodes from a total of eight seasons, which at their peak attracted around 30 million people in front of the TV sets in the USA. In Germany, the sitcom was broadcast on the private channel RTL from 1992. “Who is the boss?” won numerous awards, including a Golden Globe and an Emmy.

Broadcast date not yet known

The actress Milano has now confirmed the message via Instagram, where she shared a corresponding press article. Danza posted the “Deadline” headline on Instagram and wrote that he was excited. It is not yet known when the show will be produced or shown.

Those: Deadline