Hackers have broken into more than 45 000 to the router using the United states security agency NSA developed attack technology, told the security company Akamai blog. EternalBlueksi called fractional method leaked to the public in April 2017, when the Shadow Brokers using the name of the group to share it online. the

the same spring, the eternal blue-attack was used in favor of the notorious WannaCry-tightening program in the spread, told the Ars Technica website.
Read more: This is why WannaCry is dangerous: ”a Victim need not make any”attack method is not, therefore, not particularly new and has been used also WannaCry-after the attack. the

eternal blue to good use in for example computers, printers, wireless connect for upnp-router technology found security holes. Despite this, the security company Akamai claims to have found the network, but still 3.5 million vulnerable devices, of which 277 000 in the eu is used by upnp technology the dangerous version, and which, therefore, 45 000 has already been attacked. the
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Upnp-neck can also endanger the other network-connected devices, where security updates are not up-to-date. Software updating is an important means of protection against information security murroille. The old equipment, which do not have a long time to get the security updates, you should switch to the new. the

Attacks can be avoided also by connecting the upnp functions turned off in the router, if it is possible. Instructions for operations to switch depending on the device. User must log into the router control panel and look for the right setting. the

If you suspect the equipment already had the attack, they should launch again and still prefer to restore the factory settings.

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