On the occasion of her 70th throne anniversary, Queen Elizabeth II thanked her supporters and published a new portrait photo. This points to the future of the kingdom.

The coming days in the United Kingdom will be all about the monarch: Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for 70 years – longer than any king or queen. This is celebrated extensively: the British should celebrate their Queen for four days.

To kick off the festivities, Elizabeth II addressed the people directly on social media, releasing a new portrait in the process. The photo shows the 96-year-old in a light blue coat dress and adorned with a pearl necklace and earrings sitting in front of a window at Windsor Castle. The Queen smiles relaxed, you can’t see her old age at all.

The picture was taken a few days ago, on May 25, by the royal house photographer Ranald Mackechnie. The picture detail is probably not chosen by chance: in the background, in addition to the round tower of the castle, you can also see the statue of King Charles II, who sat on the English throne from 1660 to 1685. With this, the Queen gives a glimpse into the future of the monarchy – because the next regent should also be a King Charles – Elizabeth’s son Prince Charles is number 1 in the line of succession.

The British celebrate their Queen

In captioning the post, The Queen addressed supporters: “Thank you to everyone involved in bringing communities, families, neighbors and friends together to celebrate my Platinum Jubilee in the UK and across the Commonwealth,” it says in the statement. “I know that these festive occasions will create many fond memories.” She hoped that the coming days would provide an opportunity “to look back on all that has been achieved over the past 70 years, while we look to the future with confidence and enthusiasm.”

The celebrations begin this Thursday with the traditional “Trooping the Color” parade. Until Sunday, the monarch will be honored with numerous parades, parties, street festivals, parades and other events across the country. Renegade grandson Prince Harry also traveled to Great Britain with his family for the occasion.

Source used: www.instagram.com/theroyalfamily/