Those who hike the Rheinsteig from Wiesbaden to Bonn experience Germany from its most beautiful side. And dive deep into the culture of past centuries. 9 euro ticket excursion ideas. By Uli Hauser

If the water in the Rhine were golden wine, it would probably sparkle no more beautifully than it does now in the autumn evening sun. The last rays throw warm light on the river, which takes one curve after the other. Castles and vineyards line the trellis, and we stop, panting, on a rocky outcrop. After the fifth ascent today, through a sparse forest full of holm oaks. Melodies of Rhenish songs blow around us from the valley; It’s the wine festival, the glasses are clinking brightly. So if the water were golden wine, everyone sings, “then I would like so much to be a little fish”.