It was christmas, and Little Timmy was going to make a snow angel. He put on his and went out. Suddenly upon him fell a large pile of snow from the roof. He was going inside, but he noticed in the snow a small red cap. He went to investigate it. the

It was the elves! The elves go running at a fast pace Santa’s workshop. Timmy ran to the elf behind. When It had run some of the way, he slipped on the slippery ice. He stood up, but he had lost the elf. the

the Elves run Santa claus. the

– Child saw me! the elf announced, puffing. the
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Santa doesn’t even notice the small elf, because he was so busy. the

at the Same time, Little Timmy went in search of the elf bike. A minute after driving It noticed the top of the hill, which had not been seen previously. He stopped the bike and went to see. On top of the hill he saw something incredible – there was santa’s workshop. He recognized one of the characters, it was the same elf he had seen earlier. Timmy went out to explore the workshop.

Little Timmy went sneaking to a gift wrap room. He saw the great gift pile, and can’t resist the temptation to open gifts. He began to open the packages and they revealed eg. radio-controlled aircraft, soft toys and Timppa’s hope the car racing. the

It was excited. He was going to reveal, because it was a little too excited. The guard elves belong to something sound, and went to see what was there. They found the opened gifts, but did not see Timppaa. The guard elf will go tell Santa claus that the gifts were being broken. the
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– One of the elves was revealed, and gifts is closing. I wonder if the elf seer could follow here, think about Santa. Santa told the guard elves a search of the entire workshop. the

Timmy sees santa’s sleigh outside and goes to look at it. He went to the sleigh inside and began to explore it. He pressed a different button and see if the trunk of gifts. Timmy goes to the cockpit and press the key. He accidentally reen button and the sleigh going to traverse 1,000 kilometers/h and the sleigh in front was a large forest and the sleigh hits a tree. the

Fortunately, Timpalle was all right, but It’s know that now he is in trouble.Timmy began to panic. Santa looking just then from the window, and saw when the sleigh hit the tree. Santa now knows that the boy has followed the elf. Santa goes to the scene to watch and sees Timppa. the

– – indeed I Have followed some of the elves here? ask Santa Timpalta. the

Yes, I am, slur It. Santa ask Timppaa to visit inside. Santa promises to Timpalle:

– you Can come and visit here in the shop, and you get more gifts at christmas, because you’re the first human who found the workshop. But on the condition that you don’t tell anyone. the

Timmy is excited. He asks, did Santa claus take him home. Santa takes Timppa home.