Tyson Fury made a fight of Deontay Wilderia against about nine million.Tyson Fury wants to help the poor and homeless. ZUMAwire/MVphotos

the British slugger does not, however, take a match to the bar to buy a cent for himself. He told me after the game that he’s donating the entire amount to the homeless.

I Came to give it to (match fees) for the poor and build homes for the homeless, Fury told The Sun -according to the newspaper.

boxing stars have almost three year break before the last summer to see the return match. Breakdance during the Fury celebrate the hard, so also the money went to certainly bag the store. Thus, millions would most likely be now use, but not.

I’m Not interested in to become a millionaire or made a billion dollars. I’m a boxer, not a businessman. Likely to sink down the same road as all the other boxers, who are finally broke, Fury said.

however, the Situation is worries him.

– there is No money, however, so I can just as well do something with it and help people who are unable to help themselves.

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Even with iron fist split now property quite generously, he wants to teach his children that money grows on the tree.

– I think every kid should earn their own money, because if they do not do so, they do not know how to appreciate money.

– it Is easy to splurge other people’s money. The money, which I have been making, are, in practice, blood money. My children must acquire for yourself a living and to live a life of her own. They don’t come to life I my name or my reputation, because it would be too easy road.

Fury criticize too hard to say those rich people who get their kids easily.

– It sees a lot of these rich people’s children who don’t do anything, because they are too easy. I have never been easy. I have to work on it, what I have. I started working really young. I had to work for everything in front of it, what I wanted Fury to tell you.