The eternal successor to the 70. Since he was three years old, prince Charles waiting on to complete the task, he is born into. And he is still waiting.

Usually use a 70-year fødselar time on grandchildren, travel or hobbies such as for example golf and gardening.

Despite its high age have prince Charles in no way overlook to enjoy his retirement. His peers are long since retired, but the prince of Wales has not yet begun on the task, as he has been destined for his whole life.

A dark novemberaften in 1948 began Charles Philip Arthur George’s life in the public eye.

While his 22-year-old mother rested after giving birth in her bedroom at Buckingham Palace, was the newborn prince wrapped in a white cloth and laid in a cradle in the high-ceilinged banquet hall in the castle, so the royal household, many employees could see him.

Two and a half hour old was prince the first time considered and judged by the outside world – and he’s been ever since.

Expectations for the little dark-haired boy with the big ears and shy smile was huge.

The sensitive and cautious prince grew up in a conservative and extremely controlled monarchy, where there were strict norms and rules for how he should live his life. For example, whom he had married.

And often has eyes, who has measured and weighed him, hard.

“He will be judged hard compared to what he has had influence on, and many are critical of him because of Diana. He will always stand in the shadow of her, and it is difficult to compete with the huge popularity she had.”

Such is the assessment of historian and kongehusekspert Lars Hovbakke Sørensen, and B. T. has asked throwing a loving and critical look at the prince on the royal udskiftningsbænk in occasion of the round birthday.

Despite a tough upbringing is the prince of Wales in many ways as cat – completely her own. In people’s eyes he will always stand in the shadow of his mother, his ex-wife and his son, believe Hovbakke.

“He is not a particularly strong king. It is William and Kate, who comes to dominate the picture, and they will continue to create renewal. Charles will be a right konturløs king, that we will not remember for anything special. He’s becoming more of a overgangsfigur.”

Even says prince Charles in a BBC documentary in connection with the birthday that he will tone down his political views, when he one day becomes king.

While the prince has been sitting in the dugout, he has namely participated actively in the public debate on climate and ecology, and his green profile is certainly not always in the good soil at all.

“Prince Charles share the waters. There are many brits, who like his distinctive views on climate and ecology, while others think you should skip him and let William come to,” says Hovbakke.

There was a public outcry in the Uk when ‘The black spider memos’ some years ago was published. Here, it emerged that the prince for years had written letters and little messages to government ministers on the matters, he lay his heart closely,

It has raised concerns in his home country for that he becomes an activist king.

A point of view, as the Danish kongehusekspert Lars Hovbakke Sørensen not share.

“In many ways he has done well. He has been trying to fill a difficult role, and in many ways, he has some very modern views. But he has his style a little bit against them. He is brought up in a different time, and belongs to a different generation than tronfølgerne in the other royal families, and therefore, he comes to seem old-fashioned.”

But king should he have a day, according to Lars Hovbakke, although many britons rather then his son William on the throne. Therefore, provided that Charles lives long enough.

“It most likely is, that he should be king. It is his right. Such are the norms. There is no tradition for it skips a generation,” he says, and adds:

“the Royal family’s only justification is that it follows the historical traditions. They must behave anachronistic. They need to show the population how the Uk has been even, and give people a sense that they are part of a historic tradition. Therefore, it is important to keep firmly in the traditions.”