It goes high, and in many ways. Who wants to go to this special school in Hong Kong, the hustle and the bustle and the stuffy, Close to the financial district of the metropolis lying at his feet, and in the direction of “Victoria Peak”, the highest point of Hong Kong Island.

Here is the top of the property with each of the height meters are lush, the green areas are greater and the already high Rent astronomically. Up here, the richest of the many Hong Kong reside. Here is the “Peak Campus” of the German Swiss school in Hong Kong. FOCUS Online 14 countries, 14 Reporter – solutions, which can be for our society as a model

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Hong Kong’s German Swiss school Top preparing-careers

Alone at the spectacular view that extends in front of the Windows of the class room – in the distance the Indian ocean can be seen – is clear: Who is allowed to go to this elite school, is privileged. And has a good chance that there is life later in the professional high. Especially the international environment prepares careers the perfect breeding ground for future Top.

The “German Swiss International School” (GSIS) is one of the five most prestigious private schools in Hong Kong. In 1969 by German and Swiss families for, initially, 73 students, founded, ready, over 1300 students from 30 different countries, on a German or international degree. Albert Linner Modern equipment of the German Swiss school in Hong Kong

Around a third of the students visited the German-speaking branch, two-thirds of the English. Many of the graduates go through, the facilities of the school, from Kindergarten to primary school to high school. In addition, the school maintains a business College, the German high-school graduates, a dual system of vocational training in cooperation with German companies in Hong Kong.

this Friday it’s buzzing on the “Peak Campus”. First day of school for the English-speaking branch. The Larger share holiday experiences, the Smaller form is noisy to the new class associations. The school bag should not be missing. Vice-rector Grit Cichon attaches importance to the fact that German traditions: “the Christmas Bazaar as well as the Celebration of the day of German unity, or the carnival.”

“dream job” at the German school abroad

Also for your new boss these days is a reboot. So far, the German foreign initiated Ulrich Weghoff school in New York, for the academic year 2018/2019, he is changed in the Chinese special administrative region. “To 99 percent of the a dream job,” says Weghoff, who was also stationed in Singapore. Albert Linner, The Outlook of the school

Overall, promotes the Federal Republic of 141 German schools around the world. On the one hand, to support the education of children of employees of German companies locally. To promote but on the other hand, the German language and culture abroad. A study by the world Association of German schools abroad (WDA) and the University of St. Gallen, according to the schools from the point of view of experts from politics, industry, trade unions, management, and associations make an important contribution to Germany’s Prestige in the world.

At the Hong Kong school of Ministry of foreign Affairs and culture Ministers conference to pay the salary of nine full-time teachers. English is, therefore, also for the students in the English-speaking branch in Hong Kong is a compulsory subject. Conversely, at all of the vintage Mandarin levels offered. In the corridors of the school, however, is heard almost exclusively in English. Albert Linner Of “Peak Campus” of the school

schools private international such as the German-Swiss for decades only for the education of expatriate children, press lately, more and more Hong Kong and mainland Chinese here at school. Training in the Hong Kong knowledge-based society are of paramount importance. Not infrequently, parents are at fault, in order to promote their own offspring optimally. Who can, send their children to one of the many expensive international schools.

a High parental expectation is due to high school fees

“The expectations of the parents houses very high,” explains the head of school Weghoff. Finally, the first-class education of the offspring will cost a lot: around 900 euros registration and entrance examination. For Kindergarten per year, equivalent to 16,700 euros will be payable for the secondary 21.7000 EUR.

the equipment of The three Campus buildings, as well as the care offer excellent. The reason students have colored pencils and own Tablets. With regard to the technical equipment (“e-learning”), some school in Germany, in comparison, have fallen out of time. Albert Linner far ahead in terms of lessons resources

But it is, above all, the international environment, of which the students benefit. 30 nationalities meet every day in the corridors on the “Peak Campus”. “The trend is worldwide, Yes to internationalisation,” explains Weghoff. “Our students are all at least bilingual, able to master another language.” Often, children and young people speak several languages equally well, communication possibilities, it is enough. And this is promoted by the school. So there is a special System in order to mix students of different ages, as well as the German and the English industry, outside of the pure class times. In sports or in the cafeteria.

“students have many opportunities to learn from each other and to collaborate,” says Weghoff. This provides a good pre-conditions for a future career. “The international context allows a whole new view on the world and on international relations. The contacts and networks that you linked here, open perspectives.“ National thought or national identities are much less, “here is a completely different openness prevails.”

It should, however, be lost at the same time, the ground of liability. “For us, it is already clear that our children live in a very heal the world,” says Vice-rector Cichon. “Therefore, it is important to show them that it is not about the plate edge of something else, where the world is so healing.” All of the stories from Hong Kong: 63-again law school: The secret behind the hunger for Education of Hong Kong is the cost of pure academic year 21.700 Euro To visit in Hong Kong German squad forge Hong Kong instead of Harvard: Why you are the Elite Unis soon, not in the West findenWie German companies from Hong Kong’s Super-students benefit Hong Kong before making it: What German universities need to be among the Elite

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