the Couple have already settled on the name for their future daughter.

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra from the MTV series ‘Teen Mom’ to be parents for the third time before long. It confirmed the earlier in the year, and now get the tv-viewers can also be allowed to follow. According to The Ashley have MTV earlier in the week shared a sneak peek of where the pair is to the ultrasound, and here reveals his daughter’s name.

In the clip asks the midwife the couple, whether they are begun to consider names for the daughter, and quickly correspond Tyler, that they have already found it.

“Tezlee. It will be Tezlee,” he replies, while the midwife tells, that it is a sweet name. According to the medium looks Catelynns mom, April, not, however, quite impressed, since the name is mentioned.

A big shock

Catelynn and Tyler went through in november of last year a great sorrow. Here was the young mother pregnant, but about six weeks along in the pregnancy she lost the baby, shortly after she had told Tyler about the pregnancy in front of the rolling cameras.

The involuntary abortion was so hard on her, that she again had to let himself admitted to a psychiatric clinic because of suicidal thoughts and depression, and when she came out, she was forced to complete the ‘Teen Mom’footage about the pregnancy.

Therefore waited the couple also extra long to tell about the pregnancy this time, and in the beginning they would rather not tell, when Catelynn’s due.

Since it emerged that she is set to give birth in the beginning of march. But it was not planned, that the spring will become parents for the third time.

“It came as a big shock. We had not planned it – especially after my involuntary abortion, where it subsequently went downhill with my mental state. We would have to wait a really long time. We use protection and all that, but I was still pregnant. This baby would be here. It was very unexpected,” the pair told US Weekly

the 26-year-old Catelynn and Tyler, who were married in 2015, have two children. In the context of ’16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom’ they had a daughter Carly, in 2009 they adopted, because they do not feel quite ready to be a parent and give her daughter the life she deserved.

three years ago they had a daughter Novalee, and now they can look forward to being parents again before long.

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