As a young woman, Cher suffered three miscarriages. Once she had to have an operation in the clinic because otherwise her life would have been at stake. Today, the mother of two sons is therefore asking herself a big question.

Singer Cher (“Believe”) is now 76 years old – even if you really don’t look at her. She has two sons from marriages to longtime singing partner Sonny Bono and musician Greg Allman, and seems content with her life and career today. Even if both were very moving and the musician had to endure ups and downs. However, nothing was known about some particularly difficult moments – until now.

On Tuesday, Cher wrote on Twitter that as a young woman she had to endure severe strokes of fate: “When I was young, I had three miscarriages,” she says. Something that unfortunately happens to many women – even if it is rarely discussed openly. “The first happened to me when I was 18. I was home alone. When Sonny came home I was sitting on the floor sobbing and shaking.” Of course, her husband at the time was immediately very worried and took his pregnant wife to a doctor.

Cher suffered three miscarriages

“When we got to the doctor, I was screaming in pain, I couldn’t even stop it in the elevator,” she continues. “The doctor immediately sent me to the hospital, where I had to be operated on immediately.” When a pregnancy becomes so problematic that the baby cannot survive and the mother’s life is endangered, that is often the only solution: an abortion of the dangerous pregnancy. But that’s exactly what’s now banned in parts of the US — even if the baby wasn’t viable. And sometimes, even where it would still be legal, there are simply no longer any doctors or clinics that perform abortions – for fear of legal difficulties or social ostracism.

For Cher, it’s just unbelievable. On Twitter, she asks bitterly, “What would happen to me today?” Perhaps the clinic would hesitate to help her, endanger her life. A situation that many pregnant women are currently confronted with in the USA. Incidentally, Cher isn’t the only musician taking a stand against the country’s restrictive abortion laws – Lizzo, 34, recently spoke out, announcing that she would donate $500,000 of proceeds from her upcoming tour to Planned Parenthood. which strives to make safe abortions possible for women. Her concert promoter promised to add the same amount again and donate a total of one million dollars.

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