A 90s sitcom against loneliness? For actor Sebastian Stan, “Friends” was the salvation on lonely nights. “Friends” actress Jennifer Aniston can relate.

Marvel star Sebastian Stan (“The Falcon And The Winter Soldier”), in his own words, used to comfort himself in lonely moments with a 90s sitcom.

“There are many times I’ve gotten through a lot of lonely nights with the help of Friends,” the 39-year-old told fellow actress and Friends star Jennifer Aniston. Aniston also refers to the temporary feeling of belonging that the series can convey to the audience: “Sometimes it’s like a friend who is with you,” said the 53-year-old.

“You would have been a great actor on Friends,” Aniston told Stan. “You would have been Joey.” The character of Joey, played by Matt LeBlanc, was a somewhat naïve but very good-natured failing actor. Stan, on the other hand, saw himself in a different role, as he explained: “I always came closest to Chandler because I tend to be very neurotic.” The conversation between the two took place as part of the series “Actors on Actors” of the industry magazine “Variety”.