Caroline de Bruijn will find it fantastic to have after 26 years still in the popular soapserieGoede times, Bad Times(GTST) to play. “That series is still a part of the Netherlands.”

That says the 56-year-old actress in an interview in Dutch tv-guide Veronica. According to De Bruijn the series is an institution that is at the centre of society.

“How you face looks and what you think of it, that series is still a part of the Netherlands. Really. Already so long. It is almost not only a tv series, it has a pretty important place in the life of people.(…) And to have been so long of such a phenomenon to be a part, that is simply not. Moreover, if you there for so long, then you automatically get.”

‘Storylines are written in a’

According to The Bruijn, who the character Janine Elschot plays, the series as a mirror for our society. For example, many current topics, such as the debate around #metoo, the storylines weave.

“There is now a storyline with the sister, Janine, Mary, played by Lidewij Mahler. She lived in Italy, comes back again and appears at a young age diagnosed with fronto-temporal dementia. That is, of course, heartbreaking, and also a special storyline to play. (…) It seems like such themes in GTST passing by if they are also in real life play. While the storylines of course, months earlier, to be written.”