The rock band Queen performed in front of the British royal family as part of the throne jubilee. “It was crazy,” explains singer Adam Lambert.

At the beginning of June, Queen Elizabeth II (96) celebrated her platinum jubilee. A big concert in front of Buckingham Palace was part of the celebrations. The British rock group Queen, with their frontman Adam Lambert (40), opened the event. “We were right in front of the gates of the palace and the royal family was there too – it was surreal,” says the singer in an interview with the news agency spot on news. In addition, the native American reveals whether he has met the Queen. Lambert also talks about his inspiration when it comes to fashion and how his life has changed in recent years.

They were allowed to open the Queen’s Jubilee Concert with the Queen. How did that make you feel?

Adam Lambert: It was crazy. We had performances the two days before, so everyone was a bit tired. But when we got to the venue, we were blown away. They set up a stage on the fountain just outside Buckingham Palace. that was so cool We were right outside the palace gates and the royal family was there too – it was surreal. It was all beyond my imagination. But I had so much fun and the audience was hooked. The long street leading to the palace was crowded with people. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Have you met Queen Elizabeth II?

Lambert: Unfortunately, I didn’t meet the queen. It might have been past her bedtime. That she did a sketch clip with the children’s book character Paddington Bear was really great. That was a total surprise. You just told us beforehand. That made everyone’s evening.

You’re touring with Queen, but you also have solo projects going. How do you manage to reconcile everything?

Lambert: Queen is not a full-time job. A tour lasts two or three months, then it’s over. So I always have enough time for my own stuff. That works fine.

You are known for your extravagant style of clothing. What do you want to express with that?

Lambert: I’m a history fanatic. Queen took off in the early 70’s when glam rock was also booming. I love how men’s fashion has changed at this time. Men played with androgyny, glitter and glamor – and pushed it to the limit, exaggerated and were not afraid of it. Back then, the crazier you looked, the cooler you were. It was all about expressing yourself and shocking the audience. The notion of men’s fashion was challenged. When I put together the outfits for a Queen show, I always have that in mind. Fashion, music and art are cyclical. Everything comes back eventually. Especially today some things from the 70s are modern again. That’s why it feels very timely to be on stage with Queen and celebrate her legacy.

What are the future plans for your solo career?

Lambert: When the pandemic started, I had just released my new album Velvet. Unfortunately, that’s why it went down a bit. I was pretty depressed about it for the first few months of lockdown. Then I got over it but just sat and waited – there was just nothing to do. So I started writing music for a musical. I’ve now assembled a whole team of people and the project is on the right track. A theater is already interested in it. I will also release an album about it. The musical is set in New York in the 1970s and is about a person from the music industry. It’s a true story. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more.

What wishes do you have for the future?

Lambert: I just want to keep making things. I’m a project-oriented person and I need a task. I’m an introvert extrovert who likes to have time to myself. But I also like to surround myself with people. In the last few years my priorities have shifted. I’ve put so much time and attention into my career, now the tide has turned. I’m more focused on my relationships – my friends, family, loved ones and romance. You have to make time for them.