Charming company and a special outfit: At the premiere of the film “Hustle”, leading actor Adam Sandler drew all eyes.

Adam Sandler (55) and his wife Jackie (47) attended the premiere of his new Netflix film “Hustle” at the Regency Village Theater in Los Angeles. Striking: the casual outfit in which the actor walked the blue carpet. “If I put something tighter on, I’m in trouble, so I keep it casual,” the 55-year-old joked to Access Hollywood.

Sandler wore a white patterned short sleeve shirt, blue pants and orange sneakers. His wife appeared in a dark brown and black slip dress with black heeled sandals.

Among the celebrity guests at the premiere was Queen Latifah (52), who plays Adam Sandler’s wife in “Hustle”. The two have known each other for a long time and he always dreamed of a joint film project, Sandler told “Access Hollywood”. He added: “She turned her down for many years, but ultimately here we are.”

That’s what “Hustle” is about

“Hustle” tells the story of fallen basketball scout Stanley Sugarman (Adam Sandler). Abroad, he discovered the basketball player Bo Cruz (Juan Hernangómez, 26). Convinced that Cruz has the potential to become an NBA star, Sugarman takes him under his wing. He hopes to be able to rehabilitate his battered reputation in his American homeland with him.

The director of the basketball drama is “We the Animals” maker Jeremiah Zagar (41). Basketball superstar LeBron James (37) served as executive producer.

“Hustle” will be released exclusively on Netflix on June 8th.