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One of christmas’ many traditions is that the benches the family in front of the flat screen and due with in the year julekalendere. You do however get busy, if you must achieve it all this year, for the DR sends all seven of its kind (however, most are old acquaintances) and TV2 join the course with four offers. On top of that, it is so that those who run on streamingtjenesterne.

however, We have chosen to concentrate on the two, broadcast in primetime on the country’s biggest channels: DR1’s ‘Theo and the magic talisman’, and TV2’s ‘the Twins and santa claus’ which both caters for younger children and up.

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the DR1 sends (almost) every second year a nyproduceret familiejulekalender and have in recent years created some pretty excellent ones we mention interchangeably ‘the Pact’, ‘Poinsettias’ and ‘time travel’. They offer virtually always a magical dimension, and is not necessarily tremendously a lot with christmas to do.

It also applies to the ‘Theo and the magic talisman’, which is created by the relatively blank leaf Peter Gornstein. We follow Theo (Kian Lawson-Khalili), it goes in the sixth grade in Frederiksberg and is strongly attached to his maternal grandfather (Bjarne Henriksen), while he has a somewhat strained relationship to its peers ‘peers’. But it might change, as Simone (Safina Coster-Waldau) starts in the class. There is also not much to help the busy parents.

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Theo and would have a large communal mural with different sagnfigurer from the mythical country Thannanaya, then would fall over with a stroke. Without too much should be divulged here, so show Thannanaya out not to be so unreal even, but is a kind of limbo, from which Theo must retrieve his grandfather’s home.

‘Theo and the magic talisman’ when the sky-high level from any of the aforementioned julekalendere, it is still too early to say, but despite a slightly stiff start account it is quite promising with a nice balance between the fantasy elements (which really comes into play from the third section) and the daily life, as most viewers (of any age) probably will be able to recognize something of themselves in.

so, on top of that will be christmas, must time the show. And so we cross in the way-fingers crossed that the DR’s proud kalendertradition (which in the old days was called the children’s ulandskalender) is not affected by the axe.

Reviews – 11. nov. 2015. 21:20 Review: Lars Hjortshøj is santa claus in elverland

So goes TV2 something more orderly approach. ‘The twins and santa claus’ (which was sent the first time in 2013) – as the title more than suggests – somewhat greater emphasis on julehalløjet. The core of the story is, to put it mildly, also right after the book: Santa claus (Lars Hjortshøj), which is not among the sharpest knives in the drawer, together with a few snarrådige children try to prevent the evil specter Dr. Schwartz (Nicholas Copernicus) to ‘destroy christmas forever’. Mon not succeed?

But even though the concept is not noisy original, so fails the execution does not matter even if the special effects already look a little aged out, despite the fact that there are only five years. But it was perhaps already at the time? It is a little kitschy works in the whole, to be a part of the concept. Which is of course quite in the christmas spirit.

There is, in other words not so much to go wrong. Forward with klejnerne and pebernødderne and gather the family around an hour (you have fortunately coordinated sendetiderne on the two channels, and it fits on all the ways fine with that the smallest are in bed) good old-fashioned flow-screen tv. Certain things one should not tinker with.